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Here is the latest info I found.

11/10/2008 Date Unscheduled Order Bank (USOB) Opens
12/11/2008 Begin System Fill (Initial Scheduling Prior to Job #1)
12/19/2008 Complete Initial 3 Week System Fill
02/02/2009 Job #1
02/08/2009 Resume Normal Scheduling

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The debut is supposedly to be the Detroit Auto Show. Which means January. But since Job 1 is in Feb. It may be as early as LA which is November. Since the Order bank date (if correct) opens before the show ther may be some pre release photos leaked by Ford prior to the show. They have done a good job of keeping the wraps on the 2010.

The La Auto Show is November 19 -30. Press days are Nov 19-20. Makes sense to debut it there. Get those orders started.
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