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2012 Legend Lives Route 66 Tour - Event of a Lifetime

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The registration for the Legend Lives Event is open!

Legend Lives Route 66 Run Registration includes the following:
Entry fee for the Legend Lives Route 66 Run only (you will have to register with the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show separately)
Legend Lives Route 66 Run event shirt
Event materials
Route maps
Goodie bag including dash plaque

We have included a $100 donation option. As part of our agreement with Boys Republic, if anyone donates $100 to Boys Republic (100% goes to BR), then Friends of Steve McQueen Show has agreed to provide free registration for their show and forego their registration fee. Any donations of $100 or greater to BR through our site comes with free FoSM registration.

Michael Irvine Legend Lives Tour Print - Hoondog Events has commissioned Michael Irvine to produce a print commemorating the Route 66 Legend Lives Tour. Michael will be completing the sketch in the next few weeks. We will give you a sneak peek as soon as we receive it!!
Details on the print are as follows:
  • A special edition print limited to 800 total prints.
  • First 100 prints pre-sold will have a unique Route 66/Legend Lives remarque along with your Bullitt number.
  • Special presale price of $125.00 until edition is released. Once released the price increases to $150.00
  • There will be 20 Artist Proofs available at a presale price of $400.00 After release price goes up to $500.00
If you are fortunate enough to have a car numbered under 800 you can request your print number to match your car number but you better order fast. :smile:
Regardless of whether you are doing the entire trip, a portion of it, or not at all, we've all seen Michael's Bullitt work and without a doubt this will be a print worth having.

Legend Lives Commemorative Coin - We are minting a limited edition coin to commemorate the Legend Lives Route 66 Run. We are only minting 100 of these coins so to insure you get one order now!! The design will be based on the Legend Lives Shirt design and is sure to become a collectors item!

Go here to register: http://legendlivesrun.eventbrite.com Or visit for further details!
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Registered, tank filled up and ready to hit the road, come on Menorial Day.
Have BULLITT will travel said:
SoCal BULLITTs up-date 02-01-12
this Road Warrior List combinds both FoSM & LLR

OK FoSM Flash Website up :

Legend Lives Tour Registration up :

FoSM Road Warrior List :

1967/68 BULLITT Replicas :

1. HG '68 ... Gateway Classic ... aka Chad McQueen
2. DMG '67 ... 67_Bullitt ... aka Mike Calicott (Arkansas)
3. DHG '68 ... 68medic ...aka Mike Rhoades
4. HG '68 ... JcodeBullitt ... aka Mike Farrell
5. HG '67 ... aka Ben Maccabee
6. HG '68 ... aka Dave Kunz

1968 BK Charger:

1. Arnold & Carol Welch 'BULLITT Movie Survivor' (Arizona)
2. Frank Panaccis (California)

? Scott Ulirich (California)

2001 BULLITTs :

1. DHG 1005 ... 'Have BULLITT will travel' ... aka Michael
2. DHG 0951 ... maddogsd131 ... aka Bruce
3. DHG 1101 ... SBBullitt ... aka Rich
4. DHG 2142 ... TMBullitt ... aka Tom
5. DHG 2144 ... OYHBYNGB ... aka Mark
6. DHG 0338 ... Bullitt-CA91701 ... aka Bob
7. DHG 5002 ... Jeff'sBullitt ... aka Jeff & Gina
8. DHG 4507 ... Pronkie1 ... aka Frank & Kim
9. DHG 2141 ... Bullitt 2141 ... aka Joshua

2008/09 BULLITTs :

1. HG 0001 ... Chad McQueen
2. BK 1883 ... rocky ... aka Rocky & Diana
3. HG 2978 ... Bret08 ... aka Bret
4. HG 0253 ... jim253 ... aka Jim & Shari
5. HG 1855 ... JJZ1855 ... aka Mike
6. HG 2086 ... marichardson ... aka Mike & Linda
7. HG 2451 ... mayfiebl ... aka Brain & Heike & James
8. HG 4321 ... Steve08 ...aka Steve
9. HG 2132 ... RoadDawg831 aka Mike & Suzanne
10. HG 1987 ... DKBulit ... aka Dennis
11. HG 4305 ... rigsvt ... aka Rick
12. HG 2148 ... stevesfordgarage ... aka Steve & Jayne

The Legend Lives Route 66 Run :


1. TB 3230 ... Bullitt3230 ... aka Kurt (Georgia)
2. TB 2021 ...2021 ...aka Wayne (Canada)
3. TB 3062 ... 6treva9 ... aka Treva (California)
4. DHG 2597 ... Droopy ... aka Greg (Texas)
5. DHG 1521 ... Kaylan1521 ... aka Paul (Canada)
6. DHG 5623 ... chuckh ... aka Chuck (Georgia)
7. DHG 0736 ... Bullitt 736 ... aka Charles (Texas)
8. DHG 1004 ... Epperstang ... aka Joyce & Mike (Utah)
9. DHG 3549 ... ChrisW ... aka Chris (Canada,BC)
10. DHG 1994 ... texasbullitt ... aka Mark (Texas)

? TB 3250 ... 39Tudor ... aka Jerry (Kansas)
? BK 4742 ... hoosierblackbullitt ... akaBrad (Indiana)
? DHG 1007 ... JimmyRay ... aka jimmyray (Missouri)
? DHG 3522... Mayhem ...aka Jeff (Wisconsin)
? DHG 1994 ... texasbullitt ...aka Mark (Texas)
? DHG 1152 ... DavidMidgley ... aka David (Texas)

2008/09 BULLITTs

1. HG 3972 ... SteveNYC ... aka Hollywood Steve (California)
2. HG 4833 ... Bullitt4833 ... aka Eddie (Florida)
3. HG 1PP05 ... jimbo020 ... aka Jim & Jana (Minnesota)
4. HG 5623 ... chuckh ... aka Chuck (Georgia)
5. HG 6246 ... wabirch ... aka Bill (Illinois)
6. HG 6283 ... 6SpeedRon ... aka Ron (Pennsylvania)

nada Bullitt :

1. '96 Cobra ... SnakeBit ... aka Tim (Florida)
2. rental ... Tracka Bullitt ... aka Tracka (Australia)
3. Charlie McNiven
4. Glen Kalmack

Total = 51 ... Goal 150+

PS: 5th FoSM Committee Meeting 02-02-12 ... will send out FoSM News Flash asap !

on your six ... DHG 1005
Hey Mike, you have me in the 01 and 08 list, I only have one car for the 66 run and that's an 08 DHG
Dear Charles Heath:

Thank you for your interest in the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show

We will charge your card $50.00.

Order Summary:
Row# Quant. Item
1. 1: Vehicle w/driver: 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt Highland Green

Thank you,

Boys Republic

What's up with this, thought the entry covered theentry fee also. Got this two days ago.
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Whoooo, 4 weeks from tonight we will be joining the Bullitt Herd in Chi Town for the event of a life time.:smile: Am so looking forward to this trip
Wohooooo............May has arrived and the count down has gone from month's to weeks and next will be day's:smile:

Happy to have you for any part of the trip Will.
Kurt and I are leaving two day's earlier to make it to Chicago for the Friday night greet and meat. 15 days and counting:smile:
BULLITT3230 said:
Just to be clear, the 45th Bullitt Annv in SF is NOT the is a HoonDog Events event.
The Nationals are being continued under separate organization.
In addition, there will be a sister 45th Bullitt Annv event staged in Panama City Beach FL...
So, just like the twin East/West MCA 50th events in 2014 (which we will be setting up a co-joined event like we did for the MCA 40th), we will also have twin East/West events for the Bullitt 45th in 2013.

Whoooh another road trip, we can all stat at Kurt's palce in Panama City:lol:
+2 on the getting better and controling the pain for Bill. Hang in there:wink:
Suitcases Kurt, we're just using paper sacks, they compress easier. And I guess I will be detuning to a 89 since I have a 87/89/93 tune. Maybe back to the stock tune, since it is supposed to adjust to the octane you put in it.

Whata think?
Dang Charles, don't give the women any Ideas
Way to go John, maybe you and the wife can give us some info on the SF area, It's been 30 plus years since we were in the area, and are going there on our out of the way home trip
chrisW said:
I leave in a week...I am starting to get excited
Starting to get excited, this is rating as better than the first time I experienced
Great theme song. Happy motoring today Steve and we will be on the road one week from today. Get your're motor running:wink:
Sounds like you need some more yard.
Maybe Kurt and Tami needs a Valet parker
Final countdown has begun. Only three days before I hit the road north..Have already started packing the car, detuned it to 89, in preperation for no 93 octane. :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper2: :hyper2: :hyper2: :hyper2:
Well, I guess that color combination between the green and yellow won't stand out too much. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Will be good to see Steve, no mater what he's driving, just hope he doesn't dislike it in a few days and trade for a Camero
jimbo020 said:
Yep, all is good. Wifey got us all registered to stay at the hotels! I can leave the camping gear at home! Except for the parking lot party chairs!! I can't wait to meet some of you guys! One more crappy week of work, And we are OUTTA HERE!!:dhg08: :leftie: :tongue:
Welcome aboard Jim and wife unit, see you guy's friday evening Whoooooo
Maybe we won't forget them Kurt, Renee has been packed for two days and has been in the car since yesterday to make sure I don't forget her.:rolleyes: I'm not going to tell her she is in the wrong car:lol:
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