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2012 Legend Lives Route 66 Tour - Event of a Lifetime

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The registration for the Legend Lives Event is open!

Legend Lives Route 66 Run Registration includes the following:
Entry fee for the Legend Lives Route 66 Run only (you will have to register with the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show separately)
Legend Lives Route 66 Run event shirt
Event materials
Route maps
Goodie bag including dash plaque

We have included a $100 donation option. As part of our agreement with Boys Republic, if anyone donates $100 to Boys Republic (100% goes to BR), then Friends of Steve McQueen Show has agreed to provide free registration for their show and forego their registration fee. Any donations of $100 or greater to BR through our site comes with free FoSM registration.

Michael Irvine Legend Lives Tour Print - Hoondog Events has commissioned Michael Irvine to produce a print commemorating the Route 66 Legend Lives Tour. Michael will be completing the sketch in the next few weeks. We will give you a sneak peek as soon as we receive it!!
Details on the print are as follows:
  • A special edition print limited to 800 total prints.
  • First 100 prints pre-sold will have a unique Route 66/Legend Lives remarque along with your Bullitt number.
  • Special presale price of $125.00 until edition is released. Once released the price increases to $150.00
  • There will be 20 Artist Proofs available at a presale price of $400.00 After release price goes up to $500.00
If you are fortunate enough to have a car numbered under 800 you can request your print number to match your car number but you better order fast. :smile:
Regardless of whether you are doing the entire trip, a portion of it, or not at all, we've all seen Michael's Bullitt work and without a doubt this will be a print worth having.

Legend Lives Commemorative Coin - We are minting a limited edition coin to commemorate the Legend Lives Route 66 Run. We are only minting 100 of these coins so to insure you get one order now!! The design will be based on the Legend Lives Shirt design and is sure to become a collectors item!

Go here to register: http://legendlivesrun.eventbrite.com Or visit for further details!
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I just today received confirmation from the Boys Republic on my car show registration. If you have not gotten this confirmation you all soon will.

Wow! Row one!

Order Summary:
Row# Quant. Item
1. 1: Vehicle w/driver: 2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt Dark Highland Green
wabirch said:
Ditto! Better get busy on my clean up.
Not too much as it is going to get all dirty on the way anyway there. Bugs and stones and rain all the way!
BULLITT3230 said:
Nice to see our data pass process is working!
Working great! Amazing when a plan comes together.

Thanks for all of the hard work of getting this all set up guys!
BULLITT4833 said:
Anyone else running staggered rim setup Im running 18x9 - 18x10 but im taking one of my stock rim & tire as a spare just in case.Plus make sure my AAA is paid up.Started today getting items together for trip.Will probably do oil change and check fluids this weekend.Its getting so close to leaving im like a kid at xmas:clap: :hyper: :clap: :hyper: :clap: :hyper:

I am running the same setup on my 01. When I traveled to the nats in 08 I did the same thing and carried one of my original wheel setup just in case. Never had the need for it but it was there as insurance.

See you all on the 26th as I will be meeting up with the gang hopefully in Springfield IL If not I will see you all in Pacific MO.
bobnixon said:
Fellows,i Have Rec. A E-mail From Ford Racing.they Have A Nice Write Up On Your Rt. 66 Trip. Really Good.

If You Dont Get The Ford Racing News,pm Me Your E-mail And I Will Forward It To You.some One Will Probably Post It Here Anyway.i Would,but Dont Know How.wishing Youall Great Trip.
Here is the story now I am trying to post the link


Bullitt 'Friends' Get Their Kicks on Rte. 66 En Route to CA Show,
as Team Shelby NE Rolls From Summit Point to Parties at Carlisle
Memorable drives are becoming a big part of performance Ford events, so why not make a road trip play a role in your next car show experience? Like the "Legend Lives Tour 2012," put together by our Bullitt buddies. The idea was to have Mustang Bullitt and Dodge Charger owners leave Chicago on May 26 for a cross-country chase along America's Mother Road, Route 66, and end up at the "Friends of Steve McQueen" car show in Chino Hills, CA on June 2. Except that the Charger guys want no part of it, so the Bullitts are ready to go it alone. The show is hosted by McQueen's son, Chad, and annually honors one of the late actor's movies – and this year it's none other than "Bullitt." Both the tour and the show benefit the Boys Republic, the same non-profit school for at-risk youth that McQueen himself had attended. Check out the Hoondog Events site for details.

Prefer to mix track time with your scenic drives? Then join Team Shelby Northeast for the Shelby American 50th Anniversary Celebration East, May 30-June 3. It begins with two days at Summit Point, West Virginia, and time on its famous road course, then becomes a scenic poker run from Winchester, VA, to Carlisle, PA, where some drag racing will lead to exclusive parties at the Carlisle Ford Nationals and the largest gathering of Shelbys ever assembled. To register or get more info, click HERE. And in case you've missed some of the events we showcase each week in 'Fast News,' tour our Enthusiast News Room for the inside stories, like our exclusive coverage of last year's Ford Nationals. It's Ford enthusiast content that you can't find anywhere else on the Web, and it's only on!

here is the link to get the Ford racing news letters
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Bullitt4003 said:
I hope everyone has a great and safe time during this excursion. Take and post lots of photos. :)
I think all of you will be inundated with pictures through IMBOC and facebook.
Sorry for the delay but just so you all know Emma and I did make it back home last Friday, 6/8/12, around ten in the evening.

After we broke off from the group on Sunday we hit several hot spots on the northern trek home.

Stopped in Death valley for some Alien fresh jerky
spent a day in Zion national park
spent two days in Grand Tetons National park
one day in Yellowstone
another day for Devils tower, Deadwood SD and Mount Rushmore
and then a full day of driving to get home

When I have time I will put together highlight pictures from the trip, Right now I am swamped with work both at home and at work! Crazy stuff

We had a great time with everyone and like I said to the Hoondog team, thanks for everything!

Jeff and Em
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Bullitt 736 said:
That's a great trip in itself. Glad you two made it home safely.

And thanks for leading the pack!
Thanks, it was a pleasure to do so. Sorry about those couple of missed turns but just look at it this way I was saving the group time and how can they know what they missed if they never saw it. ;)

The northern route was a lot of fun even if we ran into Snow, hail and an occasional rock slide.

At one point I pulled off the road and parked under a tree to get away from the worst part of the hailstorm.

The rock slide was the worst as I smacked a pretty good size rock with the undercarriage of the B. I have not had time to look at it yet but the good news was that it did not hit the oil pan or the gas tank.
BULLITT4833 said:
I made it back home on Saturday. I would like to thank all the guys at Hoondogs for putting together a great trip:clap: :clap: :shine: :shine: I had a great time. And its was nice to meet you bullitt heads in person.....Great people.I look forward to Panama City next year....It'll be a little closer for me:smile:

Thanks again, Eddie

Thanks to Jeff a great leader of the pack !
Thanks Eddie! what color was your car????
jimbo020 said:
good to hear you made it back Jeff! Sounds like a great trip home as well!
Hey Jim, it was great to meet you and Jana! And thanks for that binder clip I will use that all of the time now!! It really saved my shoulder over all of those roads there and back.

Just a few pictures from the road

Yep, the midge man and I met Pete Rose in Vegas. Very cool!!!!

We stayed here for two nights in Grand Tetons national park and it was beautiful!

A cafe in Utah that Chuck Yeager ate at.

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The above are all from my phone so the quality is not all that great I will have to get all of the pictures from my camera downloaded sometime and get them posted.
kaylan1521 said:
Cool shots Jeff.

I forgot to share this one.

When we were driving through the blackhills it hailed like an SOB to the point that I had pulled off of the road and parked under a treee for a bit.

Yeah it looks like snow but it was hail.

We had snow in Yellowstone that was a blast too!

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do not stand on old faithful. Really? look what happened to this kid,

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kaylan1521 said:
That would have put me in the fetal position and rolling around. YIKES
Oh yeah it was a blast! I loved the rock slide that we hit later on too. That really sucked! I smacked the undercarriage pretty good fortunatly the rock did not get the oil pan or the gas tank.

What trip throug the north would not be complete without this?

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SteveNYC said:

Wow, Jeff! Your pictures are absolutely amazing! :clap: :clap: :clap:

You pick such cool and crazy angles!!! :) :) :)

I know us Bullittheads view the world a bit differently than most people do, but I never saw that demonstrated in some one's pictures!

Keep 'em coming!!!


Thanks Steve, I am a little off kilter some would say.

I wanted to go for a signature angle for the trip and this was it, I missed the mark a few times but for the most part I got the angles just right with my phone.

Congrats on the sale of the car and that was a very generouse donation on your part!
Bullitt4003 said:
Cool collection of photos, Jeff! I like the front fender camera angles and the cemetery photo. I'm glad to see that the Corn Palace is still standing, I saw that back in '67 on the way to Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone with my Dad and brother.

I hope you got a glass of ice water at Wall Drug. :)
Thanks Greg,

Like i said lots of pictures on my camera just no time to get them downloaded yet. this week back at work seems like it is two weeks all mushed together in one. That will teach me to take two weeks off again!

The corn palace is still there I had to share that little piece of Americana from my childhood with my daughter so it was a nice little diversion.

And as far as the Green Giant goes who can pass up a 55 foot giant green guy located in Blue Earth Mn?!

Mount Rushmore was cool to see as the last time I saw it I was only six or seven and yes it is till as big as it seemed back then!

Devils tower was amazing I just cannot believe how big that is.

We saw plenty of cool stuff on the way out and on the way back great time no doubt!

Oh yeah that cemetery picture is my favorite by far!
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Day 3: Caddillac ranch

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One of the many lineups to get on the interstate.

This one was on Memorial day

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Strung out

Somewhere along a section of Rte 66

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Day 1: Pontiac and rural Illinois

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