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2012 Legend Lives Route 66 Tour - Event of a Lifetime

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The registration for the Legend Lives Event is open!

Legend Lives Route 66 Run Registration includes the following:
Entry fee for the Legend Lives Route 66 Run only (you will have to register with the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show separately)
Legend Lives Route 66 Run event shirt
Event materials
Route maps
Goodie bag including dash plaque

We have included a $100 donation option. As part of our agreement with Boys Republic, if anyone donates $100 to Boys Republic (100% goes to BR), then Friends of Steve McQueen Show has agreed to provide free registration for their show and forego their registration fee. Any donations of $100 or greater to BR through our site comes with free FoSM registration.

Michael Irvine Legend Lives Tour Print - Hoondog Events has commissioned Michael Irvine to produce a print commemorating the Route 66 Legend Lives Tour. Michael will be completing the sketch in the next few weeks. We will give you a sneak peek as soon as we receive it!!
Details on the print are as follows:
  • A special edition print limited to 800 total prints.
  • First 100 prints pre-sold will have a unique Route 66/Legend Lives remarque along with your Bullitt number.
  • Special presale price of $125.00 until edition is released. Once released the price increases to $150.00
  • There will be 20 Artist Proofs available at a presale price of $400.00 After release price goes up to $500.00
If you are fortunate enough to have a car numbered under 800 you can request your print number to match your car number but you better order fast. :smile:
Regardless of whether you are doing the entire trip, a portion of it, or not at all, we've all seen Michael's Bullitt work and without a doubt this will be a print worth having.

Legend Lives Commemorative Coin - We are minting a limited edition coin to commemorate the Legend Lives Route 66 Run. We are only minting 100 of these coins so to insure you get one order now!! The design will be based on the Legend Lives Shirt design and is sure to become a collectors item!

Go here to register: http://legendlivesrun.eventbrite.com Or visit for further details!
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jimbo020 said:
WTF? I registered, but now I see there is a 100$ registration that includes the car show??? This was NOT an option when I registered earlier.... so.... ?????
Guess I will just register at the FoSM site for the Chino event :)
The one you saw was not really an option! :lol:
It was a tweak that lasted all of 5 minutes before being edited away forever...

What was being added to the registration was catagories for direct donations to Boys Republic, which are now in place.
As part of our agreement with Boys Republic, if anyone donates $100 to Boys Republic (100% goes to BR), then Friends of Steve McQueen Show has agreed to provide free registration for their show and forego their registration fee. Any donations of 100 or greater to BR through our site comes with free FoSM registration.

A more detailed announcement will be posted.

Also, please note: FoSM will be requiring pre-registration...they will NOT be offering registration the day of the event this year.
jimbo020 said:
Thanks for clearing that one up Kurt! Guess I was too quick on the draw... :nerd:
quick draw McGraw you were! :lol:

and too observent of our mods on the fly getting debugged!

but all is good, so let's hit the mother road!!!!!

But for everyong who may be thinking same relative to Jim's earlier comment about FoSM letting anyone in once there...

Please note my response and take action....

FoSM will NOT be letting any participants register day of the show.
They will be capping with pre-registration only, with a deadline more than likely a couple weeks prior to the event. So don't wait!

If you are registering with us, PLEASE consider making a $100 tax deductable donation to Boys will get you automatically registered with FoSM for free (without paying their registration fee).
If you choose not to donate (why? ;) ) then if you are planning on attending FoSM, you will need to do so via their website (currently not open, we will provide info when it is available)
that is exactly the issue Jim!

Boys Republic is a funnel bottle neck to get in coming off a main road just off the freeway. The event has grown so much over the years that last year presented a traffic fiasco causing congestion on the main road as people were backed up due to others trying to register day of. FoSM made the decision not to do that this year to allow more efficient and expedient traffic flow into Boys Republic.

So...only way of getting in as a participant to show your car is to PRE-REGISTER for FoSM (or make a $100 donation to BR through us).

Spectators will have separate parking and can pay at the gate day of show.

Also different this year for FoSM.
For 2012, FoSM registration includes your car, driver, and one passenger. Additional passengers beyond that will be $10 extra.
(Years prior registration was for car and driver only, all passengers were extra)
Chuck...where are you planning to start? First day in Chicago, or enroute somewhere?
If Chicago....wanna mini convoy??
I am REALLY excited that you and Mike decided to saddle up 1004 again.
I am sure 1004 is just chomping at the bit to get out and stretch her legs again!

Looking forward to seeing you two again!!!

When you register for the Legend Lives tour, you will notice an option to provide a donation to Boys Republic.

For anyone making a donation of $100 or more through us (LL), Boys Republic will offer free registration into the Saturday Friends of Steve McQueen show.
You will NOT have to register separately with FoSM to register for the car show.

We will in turn be forwarding donor information to FoSM to register you, as well as to Boys Republic to insure they can properly account for and acknowledge your donation.

FoSM will in turn send you confirmation of your registration.
FoSM registration is not yet up and active, so, expect a delay in response if you have already registered with us.
Please note, this is for the Saturday FoSM car show only.
FoSM will also be hosting a celebrity event/auction on Friday night. This is a separate event from the standard FoSM registration. This will require separate registration with FoSM beyond the Saturday car show, and any/all who are interested in attending that event must register through FoSM. But, it looks to be a Gala event!

Legend Lives will also be sending confirmation and information packets prior to the event.

Thank you for making a difference in the Boys lives at Boys Republic!
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Jim, for even more clarity...

Like Greg responded...if you would like a commemorative Michael Irvine print, you can simply order just the print on the registration page.

But, further....if you are interested in ANY Michael Irvine print, you can do so thru us as well, and Boys Republic gets a % of the sale without being any difference in cost if you ordered it direct from Michael Irvine.
Mayhem said:
I just today received confirmation from the Boys Republic on my car show registration. If you have not gotten this confirmation you all soon will.

Wow! Row one!

Order Summary:
Row# Quant. Item
1. 1: Vehicle w/driver: 2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt Dark Highland Green

Nice to see our data pass process is working!
chrisW said:
When I drove to chino in 2010 it was 14 hours of rain non stop


It appears FoSM is sending out a (confusing) form letter.
They do NOT have your card data, and will NOT be charging you $50.
This is confirmation that your $100 donation to Boys Republic thru Legend Lives
gains you registration into the FoSM show. For those donating to Boys Republic via our (LL) registration, we send BR your donor info, and they in turn secure your registration for the FoSM show. The FoSM registration folks are then sending out their normal registration confirmation (which, re payment, doesn't apply).

Additional note, between now and end of year, you will also expect to recieve tax confirmation of your donation from BR.
Bullitt#370 said:
Is it safe to assume that the FoSM dinner is not included for the $100 donation?

If so, are the Bullittheads planning on our normal Saturday Night restaurant and parking lot gathering?
Yes, you are correct.

The donation tab on the Legend Lives Registration is for people to make a tax deductable donation to Boys Republic. For donations of $100 or more, Boys Republic will provide an entry ticket for the Saturday FoSM show for a car/driver/passenger.

It does not include entrance for the Friday night dinner, that is separate, and must be purchased through the FoSM website.
FRS/GMRS radios will be recommended.
Cobra's and such can be purchased relatively inexpensively at various places like Walmart, Target, etc etc.

A detailed registration page with various information will be forthcoming in the mail within a couple weeks to the paid participants.
chrisW said:
is there a list of signed up participants?
Michael is keeping a log, which you can view on this thread, last post was #161,
for both the LL tour and FoSM show participants.
Brad, which car do you intend to show?
Re the $100 donation to Boys Republic, the car information you provided on the LL registration is simply transferred to FoSM and Boys Republic to be so recorded and logged into the FoSM registration. FoSM will in turn be sending you confirmation for your entry into Saturdays show. If you are wanting to show the car you listed with us, you are good. If not, give us a holler so we can can provide FoSM with the correct data.
Brad, can I drive it to California???? :lol:
We can put 3230 in your trailer...
Cost and time is probably the biggest factor, certainly understandable.

But, as Treva noted, and has been stated before, if Route 66 is on your bucket list, I dare say it isn't gonna get any cheaper in years to come, nor will you have such a great opportunity to do so with your fellow Bullittheads. So, if you are sitting on the fence, and can dig out enough quarters out of the couch to enhance your budget, now is the time to do it!!! There will not be a better opportunity down the road!
Also....please do NOT have to participate in the Legend Lives Tour to support the focal point charity, Boys Republic!

This is a charity run, and we are trying to collect as much donations as we can from the Bullitt community. We are introducing The Boys Republic with this event as being the new Bullitt community charity in honor of Steve McQueen.

So, if you would like to at least provide a donation to Boys Republic, you can do so by visiting our registration page and selecting one of the many options to give your support to Boys Republic. Every dollar counts! And, all donations are tax deductable!

Thank you for your support...
Let's do it for 'the kids'!!!!
me too! WOOHOOO!!!

(crossing fingers, still looking good with AT&T that I can go...)
(WAY better than being in Detroit for SURE! :lol: )
3230 will be logging about 5200 rdtrp....
but I believe a couple from Florida will have me beat...

This will be the third cross country trip to the west coast for 3230....
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