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2012 Legend Lives Tour Pics and Videos Thread

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Post all of your LL Tour pictures and videos here! Let's keep them all together for easy viewing.
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A few pictures

I couldn't upload pictures to imboc from my iPad (only Facebook), so these are late.
I made it home in 5 hours. Lots of CHP on the road, and hit some traffic close to home.


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10 more ...


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and some more


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39Tudor said:
I joined the run last Sunday in Carthage Missouri and ran with the pack to Tucumcari New Mexico. I just wish I could have gone the distance.

Cadillac Ranch

Midpoint Cafe, How did that get there?????
Here's a hint ... they were both done by the same perp, and the writing is BLUE !!!
kaylan1521 said:
BTW, stopped for fuel at a truck stop tonight and threw the truck and trailer on the scale.

19,920 pounds

Those at a certain bridge will understand the significance of this and I guess Kayla really did have cause for concern huh? :rotfl:

Nadda Car Pic

Me and Kayla, and our Dueling Coffee Mugs (Blackhawks vs. Maple Leafs)! While her father cooked us all a killer BBQ !


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39Tudor said:
Government spy satellite image of the perpetrator discovered.

You might say she was caught blue handed.

Uh Oh.
:rolling: :hyper2: :rolling: :hyper2: :rolling: :hyper2: :rolling:
Damn Government!
:rolling: :hyper2: :rolling: :hyper2: :rolling: :hyper2: :rolling:
chrisW said:
I like the photo with mike thinking he got a good deal trading his 68 for that bike

also figured all you americanos would get a kick out of the long line of US flags on the memorial day section of the trip..I was quite upset no Canadian flags got handed out
I actually brought a bunch of Canadian flags, just to be nice, but completely forgot about handing them out to you guys...I think there might have been drinking going on in the parking lot the night before ... I don't know, maybe...
I found them when I what the Heck am I going to do with them???!!!
Jeff, those were awesome. Just went through every single album.

Can't seem to get enough ... I've been looking through every picture, everybody has posted...

Sad thing ... I'm flying to Chicago on Saturday and all I keep wishing is that's it to do the Legend Lives Tour ALL OVER AGAIN !!!

Thanks for sharing your photos.
BULLITT3230 said:
Hmmm......I am beginning to see a pattern here....

Mike has given rides in his '67 to Hooters girls.....

Man.....what's Mike's secret?????

And THAT my friends, is why a secret is called a secret :) :)
67_Bullitt said:
It's easy, you just gotta play their kind of music.

Damn it, Mike ... giving away MY secret !!!
So, in my spare time, I've been Scrapbooking the trip.

I am almost finished with Tour Day 5, which is Day 9 of my entire trip.

So far, I think I have about 50 pages, and the Car Show is Day 7 and there are SO MANY pictures to choose from.

I am not a fancy Scrapbooker, like some of your wives probably are ... Since this hobby is secondary to Mustangs for me...but at least I do have some "girly" genes in me!!

I plan to bring the albums with me to the 45th event in San Francisco if anyone is interested in re-living the Trip.

I do have to say that it's been SO MUCH FUN doing this, because I get to re-live it step by step every time I sit down to Scrap !!

And buying the iPad before I left for Chicago was the Absolute Best Thing, because I was able to journal my way across the country (sitting in the back seat of Pauls truck - and sometimes at night in the hotel rooms) and get all my thoughts down . . . Before I forgot them. THAT has made the Scrapbooking process so much easier.
Anyway, blah blah blah ...
I can't wait to be done and see the finished product, that I'll get to cherish for all the years to come.
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marichardson said:
Treva, will you be bringing your work in progress scrapbook to the QM Long Beach show? Just a preview for us West Coast Bullittheads...
Hmmm. I hadn't planned on it... Seeing how it's not a finished product ... I've only got a few more hours of time to work on it before I head down there ... I'll think about it, since you asked! :)

I finally finished Scrapbooking my Route 66 photo albums last night.

There are about 120 pages of memories.

I had SO MUCH FUN re-living the trip through pictures.

The hardest part was picking out the BEST of the BEST pictures to tell the story, because if I had put even HALF of the pictures, it would have been closer to 500 pages.

I suppose to most people, the albums are going to be pretty boring, but like I said, it was so much fun Scrapping them, that I'm almost a little sad to be finished!

After I finished putting the trip in chronological order, I had some pictures that I really wanted to include but they hadn't made it in, so I threw them in the back and just labeled it "Random Photo's"!

I'm happy they're finished, and sad that I'm done :)
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Bullitt 736 said:
I'll be checking the mailbox often. :smile:

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I hope the weather stays dry ... out there by the mailbox

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
chrisW said:
Am I in it?

Yes, Chris :lol: ... at least TWICE that I can think of, without looking through it!!

(and that's not including that group shot, where we are all the size of tiny pinheads!!!)
marichardson said:
Treva was gracious to share her work in progress scrapbook with me at the QM Long Beach show. I was mighty impressed with her scrapbook then.Imagine now that is completed...
Awwwwww. How very sweet of you to say, Mike... :-o it was in a pretty rough state at that point...
It is NOW in 2 separate albums, because it just grew too big ! :-o
marichardson said:
I imagine riding with Paul the entire way gave you plenty of material to work with (and edit).:redface:
Bwahahahahahah !!!

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
TwoStangWmn said:
Treva, I am curious. Did you take your camera's card down somewhere and have prints made of your pictures you took? That could be expensive.
So, here's how it went down :) !

I had pictures from my camera (about 600), I had a few pictures from my iPad, and all along the way, I was downloading the pictures from Kayla's camera into my iPad (about 800 more).

I also stole some of chrisw's pictures from here, because he got some REALLY good ones, and maybe some of Jeff's, and who knows? maybe others here, from Photbucket or even from THIS thread.

Then I had to decide WHICH ones I wanted printed, and I sent those to uploaded picture at a time! Almost all of the printed pictures got put in the albums, maybe only a few were tossed. I've been working on nothing but these albums for the last 5 months. Whew!

kaylan1521 said:
I'm pretty sure a few of the photos stayed on the card.

Not everyone would want to see those ;)
Now for THOSE pictures ... oh, I'm sure everyone WOULD want to see them, but no one ever WILL! I'm keeping those in case I ever need any blackmail material for the Hoondogs :)
Who knows, I might need Mod Money in the future !
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