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2012 Legend Lives Tour Pics and Videos Thread

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Post all of your LL Tour pictures and videos here! Let's keep them all together for easy viewing.
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I stole this from Chuck. First night in Chicago.

Event Trailer arrived with Paul and Kala

Renee think's she might want to stretch the Bullitt to this size

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I stole this post from Greg4003. The pic was sent to hom by SteveNYC

Bullitt4003 said:
This must be the first photo op for the group that left Chicago this morning. SteveNYC e-mailed me this photo.


Drinking 2 for 1 Crown right now

And Paul found his long lost son. LOL
6SpeedRon said:
I did not get that information first-hand, so I will let the principals respond.

Thanks Ron. It will be stored and cared for by HoonDog Events as Ford has transferred ownership to us.

By the way, just a small tid bit. RED won BEST OF SHOW for ALL cars in attendance.
Kraut-60 said:
Hmmm...I would have figured Kurt to be the 'tagger' seeing as the color is blue.

Lady Bullittheads can be rowdy too I suppose...
At one point we had four TB on tour.

And yes, Treva can be rowdy!! :badgrin:
Since I picked up the tour in Yukon I'll start with the party at Grady's 66 Pub in Yukon. Mustang Brewing and Grady's sponsored the party. Grady's provided burgers adn dogs to everyone. Mustang was selling shirts and stuff and made a very nice donation to Boys Republic.

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Here's a few from Yukon to Tucumcari

Someone's ready to get started.

Here's Paul and my grandson Kaeden. Apparently Paul and I are now kin. :lol: :lol:

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Tucumcari to Holbrook

How's this for a mid-engine hauler??

This is what this is all about!!

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Holbrook to Las Vegas

Mike had his fill of electrical troubles and decided to purge the evil spirits.

Nice shot of the ladies from the tour. Cheers!
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No pictures for LV to Chino Hills. Too much fun an too little sleep after two nights in LV.

Very few pictures once we got to Chino Hills as things got very busy with little time to spare.

Oh no!! Not these two again. :cool:

I think quite a few jaws dropped with this. I felt bad as we were presenting the "Mr. Fix-it" award to Mike when they announced Red had won Best of Show. It got nutty for a while.

Ready to head back to storage until the next event.

Final night with friends!
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Homeward Bound :frown:

We ran through quite a bit of Arizona with Bill Birch (WABirch) as my wife had some tire troubles No pictures though. Thanks Bill!!.

We ran into the Reams (6SpeedRon) near Deming, NM

This had my attention for quite a few miles

Peering over the guardrail at Juarez, Mexico. This was shot in El Paso.
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Bullitt4003 said:
Charles, your grandson seems to have had a heck of a good time during this whole event. I bet it did not take much convincing to have him sport a mohawk, assuming that's not his everyday coiffure. :)
He had a blast. He keep a normal (??) haircut most of the year. When summer comes he get's a hawk for a short time and then cuts it off. He took no convincing for the hawk. Only to use blue dye instead of green. :lol:
kaylan1521 said:
A few funny stories with "Mini-Me" during the run.

He's a great kid and NO I was not in Texas in 05.....that I remember
Dinner in Tucumcari. Kim and I were sitting at the table where the picture was taken. He went straight to Paul's table.

Judging from the concentration on Paul's face, I believe he now knows exactly what it will take to make a 9 sec pass.

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Be sure to go to Kayla's Photobucket account as well and download your pics in a separate folder like Chris W. has. This will keep them all together.
Great pics and greater memories. I keep seeing pics that bring back a memory of something that happened or was said. Las Vegas is still a blurr......

BEST ROAD TRIP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do have debit card charges from there.

Other than that, I also had a headache and general feeling of s*** on Friday morning.

Yep, must have been there.
I've copied some of Jeff's (Mayhem) picture to this thread. Excellent stuff! :cool:

Just a few pictures from the road

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