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2012 Legend Lives Tour - Route 66 Maps

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Since everyone might want to know where we're going........

It's taken a while to finish these because there's so many places to see and so little time.

We will have a book for each participant containing these directions at the start of the tour.

Here are the first four legs of the trip. Pictures have been deleted from these files due to size.

View attachment Route 66 - Chicago, IL to Pacific, MO - Final.pdf

View attachment Route 66 - Pacific, MO to Yukon, OK - Final.pdf

View attachment Route 66 - Yukon to Tucumcari - Final.pdf

View attachment Route 66 - Tucumcari to Holbrook - Final.pdf
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Kewl! Printing these out as you are posting them.

No photos.....Do you still have them? Are they worth saving and printing out as an actual photo later?
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