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2012 Official Friends of Steve McQueen BULLITT Movie Theme Event !

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This will be a 'Once in a Life Time' BULLITT Event !

SoCal BULLITT Regional Team '2012 Gathering of the BULLITT Herd'

Car Show Date: Saturday June 2nd 2012
Location : Boys Republic, Chino Hills, CA

The SoCal BULLITT Regional Team is working with The Friends of Steve McQueen and The Boys Republic on their
2012 BULLITT Movie Them Event.
The Boys Republic will be turned into the streets of San Francisco to include a 1968 jump diorama.
Stop by Enrico’s Restaurant just around the corner where you can meet up for lunch
and get some information passed.

Now the plan is to have 150+ BULLITTs arrive on scene to take charge of the bad guys in
San Francisco you know the ones in that 1968 Black Charger, like run them off the road.

Plan on meeting Chad McQueen and family along with some of the Stars and Crew from the making of the 1968 movie BULLITT.
Possible Stars like Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bissett, Don Gordon, Pat Renella , Robert Duvall, Lalo Schifrin and others.

Road Warrior List :

1967/68 BULLITT Replicas :

1. DMG '67 ... 67_Bullitt ... aka Mike (Arkansas)
2. DHG '68 ... bigf68 ... aka Adam
3. DHG '68 ... 68medic ...aka Mike

2001 BULLITTs :

1. DHG 1005 ... 'Have BULLITT will travel' ... aka Michael
2. DHG 0951 ... maddogsd131 ... aka Bruce
3. DHG 3549 ... ChrisW ... aka Chris (Canada,BC)
4. DHG 1994 ... texasbullitt ... aka Mark (Texas)
5. DHG 1101 ... SBBullitt ... aka Rich
6. DHG 2142 ... TMBullitt ... aka Tom
7. DHG 2144 ... OYHBYNGB ... aka Mark
8. TB 3062 ... 6treva9 ... aka Treva
9. TB 3230 ... Bullitt3230 ... aka Kurt (Georgia)
10. DHG 2597 ... Droopy ... aka Greg (Texas)
11. DHG 1521 ... Kaylan1521 ... aka Paul (Canada)
12. DHG 0736 ... Bullitt 736 ... aka Charles (Texas)

2008/09 BULLITTs :

1. BK 1883 ... rocky ... aka Rocky & Diana
2. HG 2978 ... Bret08 ... aka Bret
3. HG 3972 ... SteveNYC ... aka Hollywood Steve
4. HG 0253 ... jim253 ... aka Jim & Shari
5. HG 1855 ... JJZ1855 ... aka Mike
6. HG 2086 ... marichardson ... aka Mike & Linda
7. HG 1PP05 ... jimbo020 aka Jim & Jana (Minnesota)
8. HG 2451 ... mayfiebl ... aka Brain & Heike & James
9. HG 4321 ... Steve08 ...aka Steve
10. HG 2132 ... RoadDawg831 aka Mike & Suzanne

nada BULLITTs :


Total = 25 ... Goal 150+

on your six ... DHG 1005
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Hey guys check out the FoSM Car Show Bullitt 2012 Tee-Shirts!

For those of you who bought your tickets and pre-ordered the show shirts you will get the tickets in the mail if you haven't already made arrangements to pick them up you should be receiving them soon. These super cool tee-shirts or any other items you might have pre-ordered you will receive them at the show.

Be advised – if you order them on-line there is a $5 discount.
On-line: $20
Day of show: $25

Likewise if you ordered any items on-line and won’t be attending the show? Well first of all - SHAME ON YOU! You're missing a once in a life time event! Secondly, don't worry they will have plenty and they will be mailed after the show. :)

For those of you who already ordered some - it's not to late to order more if you want to take advantaged of the $5 discount. :)

Anyway don't waste anymore time - here's a link to the Boy Republic web-site where you can order the tee-shirts and other items.

Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show at the Boys Republic!
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6treva9 said:
I hope the show shirt ticket arrives before I leave on Tuesday.
What happens if it doesn't? :eek:
Might want to call them & let them know if you haven't gotten your Fastpass by the time you leave. They hadn't been mailed out as of yesterday. But I'm sure they'll accomidate you if that happens... I'll follow up with them to find out what they want to do if something like this happens...

Also the shirts will be given out the day of the show.
BULLITT3230 said:
What did you do to your hand Bret?
I broke both of my wrists back in February. The right wrist is coming along (a hairline fracture) - but the left was actually “shattered” and probably has another month or so of physical therapy before we know for sure when I’ll be good enough to go back to work. Truthfully I'm not feeling too good about it & think there is some nerve damage... :confused:

But the good news is – I can drive the Bullitt now & we have a great car show coming up! :D
DSG 56 said:
I received my fast pass in the mail today! :dhg01:
Yup got mine yesterday too! :smile:
raycrampton said:
Anybody want to meet up in Chino Hills for drinks/dinner? I can point the way to a few great places.

Anyone needing fix-it stuff, I have floor jacks, air tools, and everything else for anybody in trouble.

That is a great offer Ray.

Let's hope nobody has any serious trouble. But what a cool example of Bullitthead comradely...

Yet another thing that sets us apart from other groups...
mayfiebl said:
Ok Bullitt heads, Ill'' leave work and eat the pay...Meet you at the Hotel say 3ish? where who what, PM me a number and I'll do mine, Want to roll in with the Crew that did the stand up thing and cross this a Bullitt! Also cant find the thread for the after dinner but count myself, Wife and Son in..thats the Saturday Dinner, Can't wait to see you folks!!! Been posting some of your stuff on Facebook.
Hey Brian,

Heres the link to Kirt's Thread about the "After Dinner" on Saturday.

See ya soon!
DSG 56 said:
Alright Bullittheads, after wavering back and forth on what to do I've decided to just shoot photos at the McQueen show this weekend and leave my Mustang home. Long story, but I will aim to get the the site early so that I can get photos of you all coming in.
Sorry to here that Ben,

But then that'll give me some help since I'm going to be doing a lot of videos & pictures myself. Perhaps we could colaborate on some of the pictures - more angles the better.

Anyway since my Bullitt is already on desplay - I'll be at the Bullitt muster over at the Aires Hotel to take pictures & use my Truck as kind of a chase camera vehicle. It would be great to have someone at the location to catch us as we come in. Please shoot me a PM with your ph# and I'll tell you the when & where you can best catch us as we come in...

Michael O'Donnell (On your Six) & I will be working out the route today & tomorrow morning to make sure as many of us as possible can come rolling in together. I'll give you a call & discuss this with you on Friday.

frank s said:
Must be a two-hour drive from San Diego to Chino Hills, eh? That means leaving here Saturday at 4:30 or 5:00 am, right? I got up early today to start making the time shift. I expect it will work out OK. It better...

Any reliable local weather/temperature forecasts for Saturday?
Frank the weather looks pretty nice upper 70s during the day and upper 50s at night. But I suspect it could reach the lower to mid 80's on the field.

But yes - it's about a two hour drive. But that depends on the the traffic and at that time in the morning it should be a pretty quick drive.
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raycrampton said:
I took today and tomorrow off so I could clean the GT today and doctor in the AM. Any plans for tomorrow day? Lunch?

My family and folks are meeting at the house for the trip down the hill for dinner tomorrow around 5.

I'll head over to the hotel at 6:30 AM to meet up with you all to cruise to the show together.
No plans for tomorrow at this point. We've all got our tasks and various assignments & lots of stuff going on with the final set-up.

But on Saturday - since my Bullitt is on display already I won't be driving over with the caravan. So I'll be part of the advance Bullitt Team to make sure our caravan from the Hotel isn't disrupted by someone who arrived early messing up our plans by trying to horn in on our parking area. Not that we're anticipating any difficulties with other show participants but the center right in front of the stage is “BULLITTs ONLY” so it never hurts to keep the honest people honest...

IT's going to be a great event!
Congrats guys! We made Road and Track!

Road and Track - Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show

Again great job everyone!
Have BULLITT will travel said:
OK I'm working that trophy issue.
Bret has that info. when I get it, I will post who won what !

on your six ... DHG 1005

PS : next FoSM Committee Meeting June 21st 'The Great Escape'
Just found them - I'm shooting them off to Michael shortly.
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