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2012 Official Friends of Steve McQueen BULLITT Movie Theme Event !

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This will be a 'Once in a Life Time' BULLITT Event !

SoCal BULLITT Regional Team '2012 Gathering of the BULLITT Herd'

Car Show Date: Saturday June 2nd 2012
Location : Boys Republic, Chino Hills, CA

The SoCal BULLITT Regional Team is working with The Friends of Steve McQueen and The Boys Republic on their
2012 BULLITT Movie Them Event.
The Boys Republic will be turned into the streets of San Francisco to include a 1968 jump diorama.
Stop by Enrico’s Restaurant just around the corner where you can meet up for lunch
and get some information passed.

Now the plan is to have 150+ BULLITTs arrive on scene to take charge of the bad guys in
San Francisco you know the ones in that 1968 Black Charger, like run them off the road.

Plan on meeting Chad McQueen and family along with some of the Stars and Crew from the making of the 1968 movie BULLITT.
Possible Stars like Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bissett, Don Gordon, Pat Renella , Robert Duvall, Lalo Schifrin and others.

Road Warrior List :

1967/68 BULLITT Replicas :

1. DMG '67 ... 67_Bullitt ... aka Mike (Arkansas)
2. DHG '68 ... bigf68 ... aka Adam
3. DHG '68 ... 68medic ...aka Mike

2001 BULLITTs :

1. DHG 1005 ... 'Have BULLITT will travel' ... aka Michael
2. DHG 0951 ... maddogsd131 ... aka Bruce
3. DHG 3549 ... ChrisW ... aka Chris (Canada,BC)
4. DHG 1994 ... texasbullitt ... aka Mark (Texas)
5. DHG 1101 ... SBBullitt ... aka Rich
6. DHG 2142 ... TMBullitt ... aka Tom
7. DHG 2144 ... OYHBYNGB ... aka Mark
8. TB 3062 ... 6treva9 ... aka Treva
9. TB 3230 ... Bullitt3230 ... aka Kurt (Georgia)
10. DHG 2597 ... Droopy ... aka Greg (Texas)
11. DHG 1521 ... Kaylan1521 ... aka Paul (Canada)
12. DHG 0736 ... Bullitt 736 ... aka Charles (Texas)

2008/09 BULLITTs :

1. BK 1883 ... rocky ... aka Rocky & Diana
2. HG 2978 ... Bret08 ... aka Bret
3. HG 3972 ... SteveNYC ... aka Hollywood Steve
4. HG 0253 ... jim253 ... aka Jim & Shari
5. HG 1855 ... JJZ1855 ... aka Mike
6. HG 2086 ... marichardson ... aka Mike & Linda
7. HG 1PP05 ... jimbo020 aka Jim & Jana (Minnesota)
8. HG 2451 ... mayfiebl ... aka Brain & Heike & James
9. HG 4321 ... Steve08 ...aka Steve
10. HG 2132 ... RoadDawg831 aka Mike & Suzanne

nada BULLITTs :


Total = 25 ... Goal 150+

on your six ... DHG 1005
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Oh heck....if Treva is going, then I will definitely have to sign up and make the trek back home! :lol:
Still a tad early to make any specific announcements....but....
Today was the Friends of Steve McQueen Committee kick-off meeting, where Michael eloquently presented The Legend Lives Tour Plans as our proxy...and to say Michael and our plans KICKED it off is an understatement!
Lots of excitement was generated today, bunch of stuff still cooking in the oven....but....a GREAT start!!
hopefully, as promised we should be able to start divulging some of the plans very soon....
Stay tuned....but..........
Start planning!!!
marichardson said:
Hmm this could be interesting..perhaps a escort at the California border by the CHP?:shock: 55MPH all the way!
CHP escort?? Naaa....

Biker escort?? ;)
Dave, dates are solid and are set....
just...not all the logistics, hotels, etc have been locked down yet.

Dates are:
The Legend Lives Tour (Route 66 run Chi-town to Chino) Saturday May 26 to Friday June 1 2012

The Friends of Steve McQueen Show Friday June 1 to Sunday June 3 2012
RoadDawg831 said:
Well now this IS getting mighty interesting. But if there's any escorting to be done here, it should be with a proper Mustang...I'd gladly lend Larry mine for the task!

hmmmmm....... ;)
I believe Larry is looking to provide a last leg escort for the Legend Lives tour...I assume you are referencing that.
As for details, last leg generically equates to leaving Las Vegas Friday morning June 1, possible lunch stop at the Rte 66 Summitt Inn, arriving Chino Hills early afternoon. But, more than likely, the CHiP's escort will be more a 'local' last leg/last few miles of the convoy into Chino Hills that afternoon.
I will be meeting with Larry and the FoSM team next week and will be firming up more details with him then as to actual targeted staging area. But, if this is the leg you are looking to support, please feel free to contact any of the Legend Lives/Hoondog Events staff to keep in coordination....myself, Paul Rocha, Greg Autry or Charles Jones, or with Larry as you are doing.
appreciate the help!!!!
jimbo020 said:
Any other B-Heads from the Land-o-Cheese joining you Jeff? I tried to recruit the MN B-heads, but alas, I have failed. It will be just Mrs and Me going from here... so far anyhow...
I know Will the Kraut was considering the run, not sure if he was limited to participating only partly, or if making the entire trip though...
^^^ :lol: :lol:

Didn't yer mother ever tell you to stay away from "those boys"???

But you just couldn't resist......could ya??
If not mistaken, we have never exceeded the total count of the very first Bullitt Nationals of 57 Bullitt's participating.
We are but only a few participants away from meeting, or exceeding that count in 2012 compared to 2002.

With so many more Bullitt's now in the world, and given a historic Route 66 trip ending at a once in a lifetime Bullitt event of all Bullitt themed events...


Come on people!!! This is gonna be a BLAST not to be missed!
figure the Friday night dinner to be a gala event....with celebrity speakers, people and actors associated with the movie Bullitt, a charity auction, etc etc.
Well worth the price tag no doubt for those interested in attending.
The LL schedule is being planned to arrive into Chino Hills early/mid afternoon to insure ability for all those interested to attend the Friday dinner.
Paul, we'll hide you in back next to the kitchen entrance,
but, unfortunately (for you) we'll have to keep you away from Miss Bisset as you might scare her...
to get a collared shirt on Paul, you'd have to hog tie him to get it on him!
Besides, no button down or collared shirt exists that wouldn't clash with his green 'hawk! :lol:
I could see Paul sporting those yellow glasses! :lol:
Have BULLITT will travel said:
Guys, first it was what dress Paul was going to wear,
then what shoes Greg was looking for and where to buy them,
then about someone's accessories, like the color of his sunglasses!

Could this be the makings of a New TV Reality Show.

on your six ... DHG 1005

WHAT? You never been to a Nationals or a shootout before?????? :lol:
Vegas to Chino is only approx 4 hrs, and we'll probably only have one lunch/66 tourist stop that day....which puts us into town early afternoon...2-3p absolute tops...plenty of time to get checked in, clean up the car and put on your dinner dress...
Bullitt 736 said:
Be sure to wear the one that shows lots of cleavage. :badgrin:

I was referencing Paul, actually....

chuckh said:
That would mean he would have to wear it backwards to show cleavage
Paul looks good in pink....really...
ask for a pic someday!

In fact...
Paul had posted about a contest to earn money for BR...highest bidder could shave his 'hawk...

I'll toss in a $100 bid......IF....he wears his pink slip while getting shaved!
I will pass on the honors for the shaving job to Tami though...
Instead of shaving cream, we'll just put a little mustard on the top of that corndog!
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