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2012 Official Friends of Steve McQueen BULLITT Movie Theme Event !

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This will be a 'Once in a Life Time' BULLITT Event !

SoCal BULLITT Regional Team '2012 Gathering of the BULLITT Herd'

Car Show Date: Saturday June 2nd 2012
Location : Boys Republic, Chino Hills, CA

The SoCal BULLITT Regional Team is working with The Friends of Steve McQueen and The Boys Republic on their
2012 BULLITT Movie Them Event.
The Boys Republic will be turned into the streets of San Francisco to include a 1968 jump diorama.
Stop by Enrico’s Restaurant just around the corner where you can meet up for lunch
and get some information passed.

Now the plan is to have 150+ BULLITTs arrive on scene to take charge of the bad guys in
San Francisco you know the ones in that 1968 Black Charger, like run them off the road.

Plan on meeting Chad McQueen and family along with some of the Stars and Crew from the making of the 1968 movie BULLITT.
Possible Stars like Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bissett, Don Gordon, Pat Renella , Robert Duvall, Lalo Schifrin and others.

Road Warrior List :

1967/68 BULLITT Replicas :

1. DMG '67 ... 67_Bullitt ... aka Mike (Arkansas)
2. DHG '68 ... bigf68 ... aka Adam
3. DHG '68 ... 68medic ...aka Mike

2001 BULLITTs :

1. DHG 1005 ... 'Have BULLITT will travel' ... aka Michael
2. DHG 0951 ... maddogsd131 ... aka Bruce
3. DHG 3549 ... ChrisW ... aka Chris (Canada,BC)
4. DHG 1994 ... texasbullitt ... aka Mark (Texas)
5. DHG 1101 ... SBBullitt ... aka Rich
6. DHG 2142 ... TMBullitt ... aka Tom
7. DHG 2144 ... OYHBYNGB ... aka Mark
8. TB 3062 ... 6treva9 ... aka Treva
9. TB 3230 ... Bullitt3230 ... aka Kurt (Georgia)
10. DHG 2597 ... Droopy ... aka Greg (Texas)
11. DHG 1521 ... Kaylan1521 ... aka Paul (Canada)
12. DHG 0736 ... Bullitt 736 ... aka Charles (Texas)

2008/09 BULLITTs :

1. BK 1883 ... rocky ... aka Rocky & Diana
2. HG 2978 ... Bret08 ... aka Bret
3. HG 3972 ... SteveNYC ... aka Hollywood Steve
4. HG 0253 ... jim253 ... aka Jim & Shari
5. HG 1855 ... JJZ1855 ... aka Mike
6. HG 2086 ... marichardson ... aka Mike & Linda
7. HG 1PP05 ... jimbo020 aka Jim & Jana (Minnesota)
8. HG 2451 ... mayfiebl ... aka Brain & Heike & James
9. HG 4321 ... Steve08 ...aka Steve
10. HG 2132 ... RoadDawg831 aka Mike & Suzanne

nada BULLITTs :


Total = 25 ... Goal 150+

on your six ... DHG 1005
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Have BULLITT will travel said:
Friends of Steve McQueen 'Kick Off Meeting' yesterday.

Larry Wilcox is on the committee yes the same Larry Wilcox who stared in the
TV Series CHIPs.

Larry will be working with Kurt, Greg, Paul on the Legend Lives Bullitt Tour !

on your six ... DHG 1005
Hmm this could be interesting..perhaps a escort at the California border by the CHP?:shock: 55MPH all the way!
Like the what you are thinking

BULLITT3230 said:
hmmmmm....... ;)
Kurt, NOW this could be a reality. I am sure Larry has a driver's license.
RoadDawg831 said:
I don't know Larry personally but it's a legit offer to him for some kind of limited use of my car in connection with the show (e.g., a ceremonial escort or arrival event, etc.). Besides at least two other restored CHP Mustangs that I know of in SoCal, I can also help recruit other vintage CHP and police/emergency vehicles as entrants for the show. Might be a nice tie-in with the Bullitt and PD event themes. :cool:
Hmm, another tie-in would be a SFPD squad car from that time period...and then there is the Cadillac ambulance seen in the movie transporting the deceased witness. I know, its a long shot...
They're coming!!

Droopy said:
I guess we will take up a bail collection just in case....

We are after all driving two through two thirds of the US and passing through some small towns along the way....

Should we warn them?
H*ll, yes!
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McQueen trivia question

Have BULLITT will travel said:
I'm going to ask Chad if I can wear his dad's BULLITT Jacket,
the one Steve wore in the movie ... wish me luck !

on your six ... DHG 1005
Here we go: what size jacket did Steve Mcqueen wear? He is larger than life; but anyone know Steves actual height and weight? (circa 1968)
Just signed up. Registered both for dinner and show (hmmm,just like Vegas). Do we have a count on attendence for these events? BTW, deadline is listed as May 15.
jimbo020 said:
That would be cool Michael. It would change up the Bullitt Parade Sat. morning, but instead we could just all pile in the shuttle and breeze right into the show! No waiting in line or nuthin'! Awesome! Hope this works out. Hmm, but it may have an effect on the parking lot party later Friday.... no cars to sit by with trunks open... hmm...
hmm... no parking lot burnouts
Bullitt 736 said:
Be sure to wear the one that shows lots of cleavage. :badgrin:
I think I am sticking to wearing the turtleneck...
RoadDawg831 said:
Meh, I'm not so hot on the idea of giving up the drive into the show. For me that's always been one of the highlights of the whole trip down there. I'll pass on the shuttle thanks and join anyone else who wants to do it the old fashioned way.

Mike, I kinda feel the same way. Part of the attraction is seeing (and hearing) a large group of muscle cars arriving in mass. After all, Bullitts are the star attraction for this show. Based on previous experiences at the Boys Republic, I think the boys enjoyed watching this procession. Kinda like the Rose Parade. While you can walk around and see the floats before and after the parade its not the same as watching them move by. Afterall, our Bullitts are driving machines.
Safe travels

6treva9 said:
Super glad you made it to Albequerque safely, AND that the trailer has a spare tire again.

Keep us informed of your progress back to Canada...inquiring minds wanna know that you make it home safely.
Including your special cargo...:wink:
Mike, can you post the winners of the trophies from the Bullitt classes. Also do you have the numbers and breakdowns of Bullitts displayed at the event? Sorry if you already posted, just let me know...

And thanks for a job well done.
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