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2013 NMRA Finals, Bowling Green, KY

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Not sure if this has been asked yet, but here we go. Just checking to see if any Bullitt-Heads plan on attending the NMRA Finals this October? Here is a link with info for those who are unaware of the event.
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NMRA World Final's in Bowling Green, KY. Year > 2012 ...

DHG_1613 said:
Not sure if this has been asked yet, but here we go. Just checking to see if any Bullitt-Heads plan on attending the NMRA Finals this October? Here is a link with info for those who are unaware of the event.
aka "Michael"

Michael, yes I think some of us on IMBOC know about that event.

The NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, KY.

Below is the {King of the Drag-Strip}
Mr. Ron Ream:

in Action ...

This guy not only did the Drag-Racing
part of the
NMRA World Final's
Bowling Green, KY.

Here he is also Detailing his Edelbrock, 6-speed
Bullitt Mustang
for the Car Show ...

He even entered his E-Force Bullitt Mustang
in the Car-Show
Won !!!

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DHG_1613 said:
Thanks for sharing the photos and videos! I really enjoyed them. And a huge congrats to Ron! :)
Hi Michael,

We have been to the NMRA World Finals the last three (3) years in Bowling Green, KY.

It is a really Awesome event with plenty of things to see and watch take place.

Lots of Vendors !!!


RonReam said:
Yeah, you can tell by my smiling face that I was having FUN!!


I wonder what new Signature is coming ^^^ ???
RonReam said:
Another reason for my Smile at the car show awards.....
Miss Exedy was handing out the Prizes...:badgrin:

Nice .............

RonReam said:
Not sure I understand what you mean....^^^^

I know you had a completely different Signature than the one now showing the HG Bullitt little image.

So ...........

I figured you were working on some much more elaborate one now.

RonReam said:
No, I just thought I'd run sig-less for a while.
Well .........
Big Stig said:
I would love to go to this too. Maybe next year. The second half of this year is going to be filled with too much turmoil for me to make any plans.

Well if one of the up coming years you do decide to we can hook-up and hang out.

What I like about that place and the event is.

Covered stands, nice weather and no 100 degree heat to contend with.

SteveNYC said:
Thanks for the awesome pics and video, Terry!!! It was almost like being there!!! :) :) :)

And big congrats to Ron for winning on and off the track!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Real nice way the organizers arranged to give out those prizes too. :wink: :wink: :wink:



Hi Steve,

The NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, KY. are fun for sure.

As you know my Mustang has been ran the last 3-years.

The last time I drove it and ran it in the {True Street Class}.

Pretty exciting to be at such a large event and sitting one's butt in their own Machine.

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SnakeBit said:
what's the weather like then. I might have to consider it. I need to get to something this year if I can!!!

The weather for Last week of Sept. and 1st week of Oct. in Bowling Green, KY. is like maybe in the 80's.

At night cooler !!!

This is an event one can go to and completely relax.

Covered stands even.

Plenty of really-really super nice Mustangs .........

It is worth coming to for sure.

Man it would be nice to hang with you once again at a Mustang Event.

It has now been years since we have done that.

If you really-really ever wanted to take a car down the 1/4 mile and feel SAFE in doing so.
I might very well consider paying all the cost and letting you take mine down it just for the heck of it.

That will be with the 20" Mickey Thompson (Street Tires) as I drive it Daily.

They have little to No-Traction !!!

So ..........

It would not be all that Fast but I think you would still get the general idea.

So come on and make plans and if you are still hanging out with the Buddy I met once you guys come up as a Team. :)

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RonReam said:
I've decided I'm not going down to Bowling Green this year.

I can see after driving to Texas and in a few days to Florida has to be expensive.

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SnakeBit said:
Thanx Terry, doubt I would want to run. thanks for the offer though. would check with Jim and see if he was interested...he got divorced about a year ago and recently met someone who is taking up a lot of his time so don't know if he would want to go or not.
Hey Tim,

Just thought I might mention Jim as I'm pretty sure you guys would have an excellent time.

But when a New Lady comes into a fellows life I'm pretty sure that takes priority. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Of course Jim could bring his Lady with him. :)

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RonReam said:
It's not the expense.

There are Mustang events that I have not gone to this year.

So maybe the 2013 NMRA World Finals just don't have any interest to you.

We all I suppose just pick the ones we have an interest in attending.

marichardson said:
Terry, a little off topic, but on this thread I just noticed 2 of your TN license plates, "703 HP" & "562 RWHP" on your signature screen. Recent change that I missed? Which one is actually on the Tigermachine? Inquiring minds wanna know...
Hi Mike,

I decided to not get this Thread to off topic so answered you over on my Thread.

SnakeBit said:
True...not sure if she is a car person or not and probably, even if he went and brought her...we wouldn't see much of him........

You know I think you have that situation all figured out and you know what, you are right. :)

hoosierblackbullitt said:
Is there a particular hotel everybody is booking in to?

There are many Hotels in Bowling Green, KY. to choose from.

I realize or I think you are asking where people are staying.

I don't know as I have not seen anyone say.

In my case I will be driving from my House in Franklin, TN.

It is 90 miles from where I live one way.

Takes 1 1/2 hrs. each direction.

And lots of gas. :)

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haberrj said:
I will be staying at the Best Western in White House TN, having Breakfast at Terrys hang out Cracker Barrel and then going to the track.
Hey Nemur,

Good "luck" bro on having breakfast at Terry's house.

Heck I don't even get breakfast here. :badgrin: :badgrin: :badgrin:

But ............

I will meet you guys and do breakfast if you wish ???

As long as you are {Buying} that is. :lol: :lol: :lol:

As a Heads-Up keep in mind Ron will (Not) becoming to this.
Also Bobby will (Not) either.



I will not be racing or making passes with mine this year !!!
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bobnixon said:
Yep Ive Hada Chang Of Heart, Dont Think Ill Be Going This Time Either.

Need To Pick Beans,un Can Tomatoes,may Pickle Uh Little Corn On Thu Cob.
Hey Bob,

Man maybe we should all drive over to your House and have a sit down Feast !!!

haberrj said:
Terry we will talk at Woodward about this, you know me every day is a nice day to head down the highway in the Bullitt.

Just as information Bobby's son (Clint) gets out of the "Marines" on that same time frame as the NMRA World Finals.

Bobby & Becci will drive their (South Carolina) and help Clint move all his things back to their home in White House, TN.


We can discuss what day or days you and Ana will be in Bowling Green, KY. for the NMRA World Finals this year.

If you guys are going to be there more than say just on Saturday I'll make it a point to drive up the days you will be attending.

(If you guys are going to be there for (Multiple-Days) and staying at a Hotel in Bowling Green, KY.)

I might just also elect to just stay at the same Hotel as you guys instead of driving 3-hours each day back and forth.

At 14 MPG and Approx. $4.00 Per Gallon for 93-Octane gas it might be the smarter decision to say at a Hotel in Bowling Green for multiple days.

Same for Tim from Florida if he is driving up for it.

If not I might just drive up real early on Saturday this year.

I'm not running my Mustang and since Bobby is not coming I will not be staying at his House.
(He is only 30-Minutes from Bowling Green)

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haberrj said:
Ok Terry we will talk when we meet up
Very good. :)

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