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20th Annual Mustang Roundup in Orlando

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This popular show draws upward to 275 -300 cars and is held at a terrific location - the Waterfod Lakes Town Center in the easterm part of Orlando.

Date is Saturday February 24,2007.

Easy to reach from any direction the center is just off SR 528 on Alafaya Trail.
Plenty of hotels and eating places in and near the center.

The Mid Florida Mustang Club promises all Bullitts will be parked together if they arrive and enter together.

Entry is only $15.oo.

Details, directions and entry registration form is availible on their webpage : or e-mail [email protected]

Who is in?
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Awesome a show that is close by lol. ill see if i can make it, that is the weekend before i go to Las Vegas on business. sounds like fun, hopfully we can get a bunch of poeple to go.
yes since we only park together if we get there together
so far, at least from in here, i will be the only black bullitt there.
yup i just finnished filling mine out and will mail it toommorrow
im only 30 min from the show but id still like to meet up for dinner. also Paul (Kaylan) is going to be here that saturday and i'll be meeting up with him at old town that night if anyone is interested.
Yeah i belive its on a previous page about meeting before hand. my father is coming with his 68' Coupe also.
good times at the NPD show
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wont be able to make this weeked guys, i gotta work and all. plus now i do all my fathers yard work cause his allergies are getting worse and its just a nice thing for a son to do :grin:
im probobly going to drop in the hang out. probobly not going to show the car though.
yeah so ill be joining youall tommorrow. probobly wont be showing 1633 but ill park and come over. maybe we can all grab some lunch or something afterwards
and then there wer other cars too.

my fathers 68'

and then some others

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oh and the little racing car above, with the mach lip...well it is/was a mach 1. here is what is in it now...

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Jim5081 said:
As a side note, I am also an avid Lip reader and was amazed to see all he people walking by and saying, "Look, they're all GREEN
LOL another good reason why if i had actaully entered the show i woulda been the only NON-DHG BULLITT there
hollow_point said:
I really had a great time as well. It was really great hanging out with fellow Bullittheads and meeting some long distance family members. The weather made the day just perfect, although I too have a slight sunburn. I uploaded some photos to a yahoo account below:

photos dont show up ? i want the photo of all us BULLITTheads
I like this one better :lol: buncha crazy BULLITTHEADS

Oh and im Number 6 - Mr.BULLITT aka "Aaron"
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Jim5081 said:
It sucks... Kevin "muscled" me out of the picture! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I still see a gotie back there :lol:
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