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20th Annual Mustang Roundup in Orlando

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This popular show draws upward to 275 -300 cars and is held at a terrific location - the Waterfod Lakes Town Center in the easterm part of Orlando.

Date is Saturday February 24,2007.

Easy to reach from any direction the center is just off SR 528 on Alafaya Trail.
Plenty of hotels and eating places in and near the center.

The Mid Florida Mustang Club promises all Bullitts will be parked together if they arrive and enter together.

Entry is only $15.oo.

Details, directions and entry registration form is availible on their webpage : or e-mail [email protected]

Who is in?
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KevTrish said:
FCMC, are you going to be able to bring 776? I'd like to see it one more time.
Hopefully 776 will be sold by then.

More hopefully I'll win Lotto and keep it.

I'll have my "94 Gt Vert there. I'll be a judge also since I'm on the committee.

I will post a location to meet close to or in the center.

At tonight MFMC Board of Directors meeting I'll propose a meeting place for clubs
to gather just prior to entering the registration area. [ just like the NPD show]

I URGE ALL of you to hit the website , print,fill out and mail in the pre- registration form.Cars will be devided if not preregistered and you may not get to be together inside the show.

If any of you have worked a show you know how difficult it is to park the cars as they arrive.
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Mid Florida Mustang Club has designated the parking area in front of the Best Buy store as the meeting place for all clubs to gather prior to registration.

Cars will be separated based on "pre-registration" or "day of show" registration. I promise the day day of show line will be much longer.
All Bullittheads who desire to park together as a group MUST pre register, enter the pre- registred line and proceed as directed . They have a designated area for the Bullitts if they enter the show this way.

I suggest that you all meet at 8:30 to 9 a.m - after that it gets real busy with late entries.

There are a couple of breakfast [places in the center and around it .

This promises to be a great show at a super venue.

Again the link to print and send in the entry is

I'll be working on registration and judging but look forward to seeing everyone.

To get direction and view the stores/ restaurants, etc. there go to mall
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DragonBullitt said:
Looks like I can't make it...wife is out of town just prior to that and will not get back until sometime that Saturday. I will have to pick her up and also I have 3 children to watch, so, have fun!!!!!
What will a Central Florida Bullitthead gathering be without DragonBullitt ?- a little less intersting!
DragonBullitt said:
Well, there may be a change in plans in the works where there is a slight possibilty I can make it. I will keep you posted. How long do I have to register?

Check the website for the poster /registration form - generally a weeek before the event.

Hope you can make it.
How many so far for this event?

Anyone comming from out of town and would want to meet up on Fri. eve. for a cruise and dinner together?
Jim5081 said:
Rick, break out that Bullitt... I mailed in my $15.00 and if I can get my garage
door open and the wife shovels off the drive I'm heading south. Besides Mustangs
become depressed when locked up all winter. A mini caravan has been known to cure cabin fever, fron which I am suffering. Jim
You mean there may be 2 Bullitts from Michigan? - almost a gauranteed "long distance" award winner.

Everybody should pre register - IF WE HAVE MORE THAN 5 I THINK I CAN GET THEM TO AWARD A trophy for "Best Bullitt".
Based on all the threads I've read here you do not see that very often at a local show.
Let's beat the Mach1 entries!

BTW I'm in discussion with a former Bullitt owner who may buy 0776 and pick it up at this show then drive it home to Calif.
How cool would that be.

Actually it's a little sad for me.
Time to register - if you want to enter and display together.

Meet 8:30 a.m. in parking lot in front of Best Buy store. [Can have breakfast at several eaterys at the Waterford Lakes Town center before then]

Mail in Pre - registratiion is $15 and you will have a quick registration and get a goodie bag.

Day of show registration in $20 and no gaurantee you will be with other Bullitts.

Entry form and info at

Mail in this week to be considered Pre -registered.

So far 165 cars pre- registered. Our normal registration on day of show is 100- 150 - which line do you want to be on ?

We expect a good turnout from the Stang Gang ofTtampa and the Yellow MC.

If I read this thread correctly we have the following Bullittheads going;

KevTrish, DragonBullitt, Mr Bullitt,PhotoRick,
Fl#JJZ109, Rarecat, Jim5081 and me.

Anyone else ??

I hope to get one special award for the Bullitts . Who wants to judge??
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Looks like we have 8 confirmed!!

That means I'm going to have to bring out 0776 and meet you there !

I'll be there very early setting up.

I'm trying to get a trophy just for the Bullitts - What catagory would you like to see??

"Best Bullitt" is a tough term since it is so subjective -

"Spirit of the Bullitt" - whatever that means

Cleanest, Longest distance, most modded ???

I'd like to suggest that propose to the club that we judge our own cars [ secret ballot ,of course] and select one car that best represents the Bullitt and Bullittheads - the one car that most relays what a Bullitt was to the "uninformed " public.

Just a a suggestion.

Weather should be terriffic once this cold front mpoves out - was 30 degrees this morning!
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Jim5081 said:
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
It was JUST a suggestion !
Jim5081 said:
Just have to put some socks and my pills in a paperbag. Leaving Wed. A.M. See you at Best Buys. Those of you that don't know me: you'll recognize me, I'll be the guy in the green Bullitt. :toocool:
Give a call if you are staying in the Orlando area - 407-247-7870

Mr.BULLITT said:
wont be able to make this weeked guys, i gotta work and all. plus now i do all my fathers yard work cause his allergies are getting worse and its just a nice thing for a son to do :grin:
You will be missed - if you can break free in the afternoon come on up to meet everyone.

Show awards start at 3 , show ends at 4pm.
Just cleaned 0776 for the show - gettin ready!

I have a trophy for the Bullitts! Hope I can get the club to present it - if not we'll figure something out.

Total pre registration was 198 as of Tues. Weather looks good.
KevTrish said:
I got a dremmel tool for Christmas so I shortened the antenna. Came out nice.
A new Dremel tool ?

NOTHING in the house, within the garage or on the cars is now safe!!

BTW a shortened antenna is worth a tenth of a tenth.
KevTrish said:
You're right about nothing be safe. You remember that I told you about the AutoArt Bullitt I got such a good deal on because it was missing a tailpipe tip? .......
Please bring the car it Saturday.

If any attendees have some "BULLITTSTUFF" bring to the show so we can see it.
The total pre re-gistered is at 210 so total cars will be in the 300 range.

They cannot hold open spaces so all'99 to '04's will be parked as they enter their parking area.

Therefore, we must enter together to to be spotted together. I'll leave my car in front of Best Buy early and come over at about 8:15 to lead us all to the pre-registration desk.

If you are very close [ within 5 miles] and it is 8:25 call Kevin at 813-943-5774 to let him know you are in the area so we can wait . Plan is to move to registration at 8:30 [ It starts at 7;30 and the majority show up at 8;30 to 9;30]

We have a trophy - we will judge each others cars and have our own trophy presentation- should be interesting!

Weather will be perfect!
And a good time was had by all.
9mmBullitt said:
Great turnout today. Glad I was able to be around for most of it. FCMC (Matt) thanks for all you did to make this a great turnout. By the way, who won the Most Notable Bullitt? See all of you soon, hopefully!
Thanks for the kudo's guys - you are making it very hard for me to sell the car.

Besides enjoying owning the Bullitt and driving such a special Mustang I was told that I would get the most ownership enjoyment after meeting fellow Bullitt owners.
By attending the National Bullitt Meets and other events I would get to know other owners who would turn out to be "really nice and knowledgabe car guys". This was told to me by Ted Tibenski 3 years ago!

So since I've only been a Bullithead for only a year I just had to create this experience before I sold the car.

At this event had 10 cars enter together, we were parked in a reserved prime location and I think we made a very nice display for all to enjoy.

Photos will follow.

I created a scoring sheet and it was fun to see the Bullitt owners judge each others cars. Special thanks to my son who figured out the scoring.

The "winner" was Kevin [Bullitt_5135] by a narrow margin. Rarecat swears he saw him slip a tenspot into KevTrish's pocket.

Dragon,Jim [from Michigan] and I won a "Popular Vote" award of an engraved beer mug.
Jim also recieved a $50 gift certificate from National Parts Depot for the "long distance traveled" award.

It was a real pleasure to meet PhotoRick who was there also.There were 4 more Bullitts there and we met them all. I know they will join in the website or renew interest in IMBOC.

Special thanks to the Mid Florida Mustang Club - I hope the Orlando area Bullitt owners consider joining.
This will not only show appreciation for what they did for us on Sat. but insure good treatment in all of their future events.

In the end all the Bullitt owners who attended confirmed what we already knew- fellow Bullittheads are great guys.

Next up - the "Mustang and Mustangs" show at Fantasy of Flight near Lakeland in April
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Thanks Kevin - terrific pics.

Can't beat those old Brownie cameras.
DragonBullitt said:
You see the prime parking we were given. Unbelievable. Like our own car show!!!!
Especially since we conducted our own judging and had our own award ceremony!

I think the MFMC may pick up on this idea and encourage similar participation with other clubs.

T-Birds, Cougars , Rancharos, etc, But hopefully not The Yellow Lemmings !!!!
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