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20th Annual Mustang Roundup in Orlando

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This popular show draws upward to 275 -300 cars and is held at a terrific location - the Waterfod Lakes Town Center in the easterm part of Orlando.

Date is Saturday February 24,2007.

Easy to reach from any direction the center is just off SR 528 on Alafaya Trail.
Plenty of hotels and eating places in and near the center.

The Mid Florida Mustang Club promises all Bullitts will be parked together if they arrive and enter together.

Entry is only $15.oo.

Details, directions and entry registration form is availible on their webpage : or e-mail [email protected]

Who is in?
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I'm planning to be there. Let's see if we can hook up and go in together.
FCMC, are you going to be able to bring 776? I'd like to see it one more time.
I am mailing in my registration tonight along with the registration for Mustangs and Mustangs in April.
Just mailed in my registration.
Do we have a count yet?
I'm going to plan to be at the meeting area by 8:30.

See you there.
Too bad, Dragon. You will be missed.
I'll be at the show, but I'm going to need the night before to get the car ready. See you there.
I'm still planning to be at Best Buy between 8:00 and 8:30.
Hi everyone,

I've been asked to kinda coordinate the arrival of the Bullitts that want to park together on Saturday. I'm planning to be at the Best Buy around 8:00 and head into the pre-registered section of the show by 8:40 or so. If anyone is going to be late and wants to contact me to wait for you, here is my cell 813-943-5774. If you want to send me your cell number as well, that's fine too.

Can't wait to see you guys and meet some new Bullitt friends too!
I'm going to clean the inside of 3143 tonight and the outside tomorrow night.

I got a dremmel tool for Christmas so I shortened the antenna. Came out nice.
You're right about nothing be safe. You remember that I told you about the AutoArt Bullitt I got such a good deal on because it was missing a tailpipe tip? Well, I removed the other one and got a length on 5/32 aluminum tubing and made my own. They look more like the ones on the car than the plated ones it came with!
Will do!
Well, I now proclaim 3143 ready to go. Not the best wax job I ever did, not much light in this garage, but he'll look okay I think.

I'm still planning to meet everyone at 8:00 in front of Best Buy.

See you there!
I had a great time too! Man did I get sunburned though! I'll be posting pictures soon (not of the sunburn...)
Here are a few sample photos to start:


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More to follow.


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FCMCBullitt, KevTrish, Bullitt40, RareCat


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Jim5081, FL#JJZ109, Bullitt_5135, HollowPoint, DragonBullitt.


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