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#2610 gets another kill

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Yes, it happened again. Bullitt #2610 gets its second kill. For you who live in CT, I was traveling west bound on I-84, I had just gotten onto the highway, when I opened the Bullitt up little, As I’m flooring it, I happened to pass a Red 90s something Mitsubishi Eclipse at about 90 mph. So I’m at about 110 mph, when I decide to back off on the accelerator. I’m doing 80 mph and all of a sudden that red Eclipse it approaching behind me at a very fast speed. So he rides behind me very close for about a minute or so, flashes his high beams at me, and attempts to pass me. So, I decided to see what he had. I left the Bullitt in 5th gear and floored it. So the little guy was actually starting to pass me. I waited for his car to be a half a car length in front of me, and I threw the Bullitt into 4th gear. As you expect, the Eclipse didn’t stand a chance. I pulled next to him right before I completed pass him out, and waved goodbye! But the funny thing is, he tried a second time. Key word there is “tried”. After his second failed attempt he backed off completely and I never saw him again. I noticed a lot of people have no clue what a Mustang Bullitt is. I bet they automatically amuse they think it’s a V6 because back in the good old days with V6 mustangs not having the rear spoiler. LOL I swear, they can try and hang with the big boys, but for the most part, they will always lose.
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eclips's aren't much they are fun to beat on. if you race an GSX all wheel drive, off the line, it wil take you till about 70 to catch up and pass. but if you go from a roll from about 15mph+ you should have no problem handing them their *ss in a real fast manner.
--- i always ask them how much HP their boost gauges give them --- that is always good for a laugh

Good kill
Nice racing. I am still anxiously awaiting someone to take me on. The only challenge I have had (from a new, lowered Z28) was with my Mom in the car. I was taking her for her first ride in it. I couldn't drop the hammer despite how much I wanted to... my Mom would have died on the spot! She said the challenge reminded of her high school days when my Dad dragged his 50 Mercury flathead 8. I have seen pictures... complete with my Dad leaning next to his rig, white t-shirt, smokes rolled up in his arm, crew cut, jeans, etc. Classic.
PCRMAN, You'll get your chance soon enough. Trust me :smile:.
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