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Results from recent service trip:
Problem: Power Steering losing fluid but no visible leak.
Fix: Dealer Replaced R & P Steering Unit.
Problem: Slow leak from transmission.
Fix: Replaced output shaft seal.
Problem: 1-2 Cold Shift Grind
Fix: Could not duplicate!!
Problem: Gauge cluster lens scratched.
Fix: Replaced lens (looks great now)
Problem: Leather on driver's seat bolster peeling.
Fix: Replaced seat cover (I was worried but they did a nice job. The dealer actually sent it out to a automotive interior specialty shop. If you have a similar problem, they call this normal wear after 12mo/12k)
*Note: I also had them do an oil change while it was there and the ticket says they put in 5w30.

This was not the selling dealer and they were real good about addressing everything but the 1-2 shift grind. At least I got it noted as a concern on a service ticket at 4,500 miles.
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