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Once upon a time, this engine was going to be my long term project. Then I totalled the car it was removed from. Now I have a Bullitt. (Which, God willing, will NOT suffer the same fate!)

The engine is complete, minus the upper intake/TB, and needs a rebuild. The heads are with the engine, but removed. If you were to rebuild this, I'd think you'd want to put better heads on it anyway. That's what I had planned, among other things. I do not know what caused its demise, and it was disassembled and removed from the car by a local dealer, not by me. It just started running rough, then overheated badly all in a VERY short period of time last summer. (About 1/2 mile.) And yes, in that order. Regardless of the original cause, I wound up with a blown head gasket, and the engine was hosed enough that the dealer made no attempt to fix it. (nor to honor my warranty) At that time, the engine had about 97K miles on it. Prior to this I had had no engine trouble.

I have no idea what would be a reasonable price to ask for this engine. If you want it, make me an offer, just don't ask me to ship it unless you are willing to cover shipping. :smile: I live in Allentown, PA.

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