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3.55s in the Bullitt..

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Guys,would it be worth installing 3.55 gears in my Bullitt? What performace improvement might I expect? How do I recalibrate my speedo? I DO NOT want 3.73 gears because I cruise a lot on the highway. I am looking for a little more performance without going crazy.
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I would skip the 3.55's, they won't be worth it and you won't feel any real gain. Don't look past 3.73's even for hiway driving. I saw another post on here that with 4.10's at 75mph he was only turning 2750rpm. 3.73's will be even lower than that, which I think is very tolerable for hiway driving.

For your speedo you will either need to get a Speedcal ($150) or a custom chip ($250).
EMA's right. 3.55's just aren't different enough to spend the money on.
i'm not doing any racing so stock gears are good enough for my taste!
Thanks you guys, I appreciate your advice. I don't plan to do any drag racing, but was looking for a little more performance. (I will forget about gears.) I just installed a K&N filter, and a Hypertech 160 stat. Now I am waiting for my Breathless Performace fan switch.

Are there any other mods I should consider without going crazy? I do not want to touch the exhaust though. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

since the exhaust is out of the question, I'd probably look next at an underdrive crank pulley and a timing adjuster. These are both reasonably priced mods that might net you 15rwhp combined. Good bang for buck.
I would also consider selling the K&N and get the Densecharger instead. Many members on this site have been very happy with it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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