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3.73 and A/DS

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Mine arived. Yes, Dad said that the box was opened when it arived, but everything looked ok. Hope it is. Next month I order the diablosport chip for the gear/speedo correction
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Got my 3.73's and a/d intstalled today and I like it!! Since it revs a bit faster it just seems smoother coming out of the hole. The shop that did the install had about five cars lined up to do gears (two T/A's a camaro and two stangs) Gears are a big part of their business. The guy darn near talked me in to a Vortech, but I will need to save a little for that one. However, there was a guy with a GT there that had the Vortech SQ on it and man it is sweet. I am socking the change away for sure now.
RPM's at 60 mph is approximately 1950 rpm in 5th gear. I just had my gears and an aluminum DS installed yesterday. And I can definately tell the difference from the stock gears. To me the car is easier to drive with the 3.73's. Around town in traffic it is easier to find the right cruising gear when just putting along with traffic. Then when you "need" to get going it just picks up faster. I like the new gears, the Bullitt should have come stock with them. I also find that take offs are much smoother and second shifts more where I want it to in the rpm to time ratio. I highly recommend them and the ADS.

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