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3 Bullitts at Tomball Ford, TX

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I had my F250 in for its 45K check-up this morning. Tomball Ford in Texas has 3 Bullitts on the showroom floor. DHG No.3810 and 2 blacks, numbers unknown. One of the blacks has the Bullitt ID sticker wiped out by the make ready group.

My salesman, Doug Hale, informed me that when they were out on the lot that most of their Bullitt accessories were stolen. Not the motor, suspension, or brake stuff that really makes the Bullitt what it is. Just the interior trim stuff. 2 of them had their windows broken to get to the stuff.

This is a really good reason NOT to buy stuff listed on eBay. It's also an excellent reason to realy dislike any Bullitt copycats in dressed up GTs. We can repeat the feel-good prattle that the copycats are flattering us, but let's face it, some of these peple are stealing these parts. They're nothing but thieves. They steal parts in order to steal attention from real Bullitts.
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