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well i had to take out my first victim. I was my buddies 96 talon tsi. this car used be rule the local street racing sceene for a minute, but he started selling his mods, and the car is no longer what it used to be.

his mods include

Intake, injectors, fuel management, fuel pump, downpipe, clutchmasters. (bov, and ehasust has been sold) and last and the most important mod it his upgraded turbo, a 16G.

We started out on the highway cruising around 10 in first, then we hit it. I began to pull away around the top of the gear and kept pulliing. when i switched to second and the tires didnt chirp the way i wanted them to, i realized i had the damm trac control on. (i wish it was always off, and you could turn it on! there needs to be a mod for that) by the top of second he was about a car lenght behind, and the gap kept growing. I shut it down somewhere inside fourth. i couldnt look down at the speedo, those damm retro guages are so clutered. before we stoped i had him by at least 5 cars.

after we were cruising away from the police zone, we lined back up and went once more. this time with the trac off. this one was the same story, once i got into second, i was gone.

this guy races every car he can, he tried to tell me that he beat a supercharged fox body cobra, and all types of stuff. LIAR, LIAR!!

I love the taste of blood after the kill.

we are going to the track tonight to do it legally!
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