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3rd annual SoCal Wine tour and more

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Start looking at your calendars for April 22 and 23 2017 for the 3rd annual SoCal Bullitt Wine and (in the works Hearst Castle ) run. Start in Santa Barbara , then lunch at Cold Springs Tavern . Run the Valley to some awesome roads and vineyards for tasting .
End up in San Luis Obispo or Moro Bay. Looking at doing a night tour or Hearst Castle.
This is the weekend before Fab Fords and the kick off of the 2017 Show Season

More info to come if we have a good turn out
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Put me on the list.
I dunno how I get roped into these things anymore!
Can't wait to see all my SoCal peeps!
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Phone number of said hotel?
Whoa! FANCY!

Thanks for the link
Meg ... Anything for you our favorite Canadian! :kiss: Sorry Chris. :wink2:

I even stole the favorite Canadian title from Paul?!
Now this is an accomplishment!
Guess canadian girls are just that special 👌🏻
Ok peeps. My flight home is booked for April 24. Sorry, you guys will just have to put up with a solo crazy Canadian (chris W) for a week!
I'm dreaming of palm trees already! Woohoo! Time to get my party to party arn!
The start location is Earl Warren Show Grounds 3400 Calle Real , Santa Barbara this year . Departing at 10:15 am
Same place same time lol
So. Anyone else think that that was AWESOME?!
Favourite parts of the tour?
Can't pick just one! Maybe the twisties, maybe the sunshine, maybe even the bus ride up to the Castle.
The SoCal group just does it right!!!
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