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3rd annual SoCal Wine tour and more

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Start looking at your calendars for April 22 and 23 2017 for the 3rd annual SoCal Bullitt Wine and (in the works Hearst Castle ) run. Start in Santa Barbara , then lunch at Cold Springs Tavern . Run the Valley to some awesome roads and vineyards for tasting .
End up in San Luis Obispo or Moro Bay. Looking at doing a night tour or Hearst Castle.
This is the weekend before Fab Fords and the kick off of the 2017 Show Season

More info to come if we have a good turn out
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I'd like to meet up with You'll on Saturday...San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay or wherever you end up and do the night tour of Hearst if it's a go! :grin2:

Mark I have a blue 10th anniversary Imboc decal. I am driving down from Vancouver in April to do the so cal bullitt wine tour and Hearst castle tour. You should join us
Haven't seen anything new on this, so hope it's still taking place and that you'd let me crash the party:smile2:

Didn't mean "crash" literally...don't want anyone to get the wrong impression.
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So I have a little inquiry as to what time slot you'all booked :nerd2:...I'm guessing 7:10 or 7:30? And I's say the pool is a lot colder at night :grin2:


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Jim, Nice Clip...All of those Bullitt's together...what a sight to see...not to mention what it must be like to hear! Thanks for sharing it!'re definitely a true road warrior! Keep at it man!
If all goes well, I plan on being at the Earl Warren Show Grounds in time to depart with the rest of the group at 10:15 am, hope to see everyone there!
Super AWESOME trip with a really, really great group of fellow dedicated Bullittheads!

The trip was fun from the very beginning. Mr. 68 Mike man did an excellent job of leading the pack and improvising when needed, orchestrated some of the best photo ops along the way and during the whole event.

Who couldn’t help but admire each and every one of the Bullitt’s that showed up and brought their owners and companions who were brave enough to ride shotgun.
The weather couldn’t have been any better, with lots of clear blue sky and perfect conditions.

We got a little separated at the beginning in the trip to the Mission, but no big deal as it’s pretty hard to keep a large group together when dealing with multiple traffic signals in a slightly congested area. But this was soon forgotten as soon as we headed out again.

Cold Springs Tavern…impressive good hangout in a great area hidden away in the mountain with some of the best tri-tip sandwiches. The view from the bridge…wow! But I had to keep eyes on the road.

Road ripping from there thru the twisties…what a blast! These cars were made to do this and they don’t disappoint, it was simply fun and amazing! Way better than sitting around at a car show in my opinion. I don’t know where it was that Mr. 68 Mike man took us on this but I’ve got to find out!

Out of the twisties and on to the next stop at a beautiful little town of Los Olivos for some well-earned refreshments and camaraderie…wine tasting and breweries, oh boy!
Up Hwy 101 and stop in Cambria for dinner.

On to the hotel and before we know it we are boarding the last tour bus headed up the hill to the Hearst Castle. The place was magnificent with the sun just setting and the nighttime lighting around the grounds. A clear evening sky with views of the mountains all around, that is until it got too dark to see in the distance. I wasn’t going to say it but I can’t help myself…the man had way too much money!

The next day after the sleepyheads got up and with breakfast out of the way (Some had to head back down the road to reality). The leftover Bullittheads still out for more had us tripping up Hwy 1 to Ragged Point. More fun, more wheel time, and more of the humbling scenery.

We went our separate ways shortly after heading back south. A quick stop to see the Sea Lions and say our good-byes.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you in this group for the welcoming hospitality that I experienced right away from the first handshake and hello till the very end of the trip. Thank you all so much for including me! I really did have a great time and will have this experience to look back on for the rest of my days!
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