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Okay, I KNOW I ordered 5/5 lug spacers but AIM sent me 4/4 1.25 wheel spacers and now they won't take them back as a return because they were "special order". They probably sell thirty of 'em a month I'm stuck with them and can't use them. So, anybody with a four lug Mustang out there, I have these for sale for 85.00 with shipping included. I payed 94.00 with shipping.

Also, I've decided to go with a chip instead of the timing adjuster. I have the Steeda timing adjuster for sale for 130.00, shipping included. I bought it on E-Bay for 156.00. It's never been on the car.

Bullitt #2759 DHG
Mods: MGW tid-bits, Steeda Tri-Ax shifter w/Hurst stick and ball, FR aluminum driveshaft, CDC sequential taillights, Densecharger, FR 3.73 gears, and UD pullies.

Will an AMC 401 fit in there?

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