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OK folks,

Here's the result of the dyno.

The green pull is bone stock

The red pull is Pro-M 80mm MAF and JBA Cat4ward headers (this pull was after driving the car a few days to let the EEC learn. We dyno'd it right after adding the MAF and headers and got little to no gain).

The blue pull is adding a MAC Prochamber offroad H pipe.

Best A/F ratio was 12.8 @ 243.5rwhp (if I remember correctly). Just driving normal on the dyno was 14.7 (perfect burn for a mustang)

How 'bout those hp gains at 6K!...I'm happy :grin:


Wade Koch
Steeda Tri-Ax
Pro-M 80mm MAF
JBA Cat4ward Chrome Headers
MAC Prochamber

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Very nice Wade. I love how the torque curve lays in these cars. Just like my Impala SS :grin: (Only the SS was making 340 ft-lbs at the rear wheels with just a cam change... but we won't get into that :grin: )

Are you planning on running it at the track any time soon? I'm anxious to start figuring out how dyno number translate to track numbers in these cars...

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Looks good Wade.

You didn't by chance leave your stock h-pipe down there did you? It would make for a nice comparo vs a Bassani X-pipe.

How are your new digs? Your hp os close to mine now that you are closer to the center of the earth. I was only at 269 uncorrected.
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