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Last Sunday I gave my Bullitt a full detailing and parked it in the garage. I was tempted but I gave it a week off because I found a deal on a good, used small pickup. I now have 9000 trouble free miles on my Bullit (no trips to the dealer for anything) and it will only get driven on sunny days. I was able to pay it off last week and I feel the need to pamper this car and keep it in as close to showroom condition as possible.

I do love this car and I love to drive it. I put a lot of miles on my vehicle because of my work so now I have a gas saving comuter to put the work miles on.
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Teddy, we also have 9000 trouble free miles on #344! She will be going into her stable in about a month. No need to detail her, though, as hubby keeps up on the maintenance very well! Then we have something to lok forward to in the springtime again! It will be like getting a new car all over again I am sure!

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