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I forgot I can tell you about my other stangs on the Nadda forum.

Last month I took my 66 coupe to a Mustang club show in Reno, NV. My PINKIE took first place in her class. There was not a single Bullitt at the show :sad:
There was a sad little stang with a For Sale sign. The owner was desperate to sell. He bought the car for Hot August Nights trips but his wife hates the car! I can't imagine! So we adopted the orphan pony and it is now MINE!

1965 convertible, 289, auto, Poppy Red, black top and standard interior. Frank and Poppy haven't met yet as they temporarily live in separate garages. But I think they will make great sibs.
The photo was taken the day we bought her, on our first shake down cruise around Lake Tahoe.

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