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6700 miles; third dyno on car

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240.9 rwhp
279.7 rwtq
SAE corrected

car is bonestock besides a k&n. My previous dynos were at 480 miles(236hp,272tq) and 2200 miles(239hp,275tq). Very pleased with the 240+ barrier for a stock car. I guess it's well broke-in. Assuming a 15% drivetrain loss, the crank numbers are:

283.4 hp
329.1 tq

I hope to have the dyno scanned by tomorrow :grin:
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Dude, where did you dyno them at? I'm looking for a place in Houston to dyno. I got nearly 7k on mine so let's see how it broke in. :smile:

Good numbers for a fast(er) Bullitt. :smile:
Damn, those are some good numbers!!
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