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`68 model by Revell

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I was in the store yesterday, and saw a diecast 1:25 model of `68 Mustang GT Fastback, with Steve McQueen and BULLITT branding/packaging. The DHG metal body is very detailed along with interior, engine and underside. Assembly required. Cost $15. Couldn't resist buying it.

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I've started a little Bullitt shrine in my office. So far, I have magazines that reviewed it, and I have the 1/64 size of the Bullitt and Charger, I will be adding the 1/25 models, as well. Who said we have to grow up?? :grin:

I only have the 1/64 Bullitt, and the 1/25 Bullitt with Action is sitting in the Mustang Shrine, which used to be my daughters room, til she moved out. She was only gone about 3 weeks when I started painting the checkered board border. If I started a Bullitt shrine, it just might be cause for divorce!
Thank god they only have a few products on the market right soon as they produce the 2001 Bullitt, don't worry, I'll have everything they carry in every color.
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