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8th Annual "End of Summer BULLITT Cruise

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Hey all you Northwest Bullitt owners as much as I don't want to mention the "End of Summer":rolleyes: I would like to at least check in with all of you and ask for your humble opinions for dates that would work for most everyone . I am thinking saturdays :smile:
For me August 16 and the 30th Then any saturday in September . The place to go is "Sunrise" on the east end of Mt Rainier We all start at Snoqualamie falls upper Parking lot around 9am then head out from thier via hiway 18 . Then once we reach Sunrise for lunch photo ops and etc etc we can all continue around the mountain to the south wherein anyone from the south can head home from there and anyone north can finish the loop and head north.
I made a post a couple of years ago spelling out the route but it didn't happen then so I sure would like to make it happen now . Especially with some 08 Bullitts and maybe find a retro 68 Fastback and a 68 Charger to go along :smile:
Questions ? Comments?
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Anyone up for the recon cruise this weekend ? Just in case you can not make it in Septemeber . I think then the Fall colors should be in full or near full bloom
We're gonna try to make it for the cruise in September. Lots going on. My Dad recently passed away. :cry: Going through his estate with my sisters right now and helping out. I bought his 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sahara from the estate. It only has 10,000 miles on it! It is dark green, sortof like the Bullitt color. Bill is having a good time polishing it up and he took the top off today.

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Vicki...So sorry to hear about your loss. :( My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
The recon mission to Sunrise @ Mt Rainier
All went well.... I spent the day wisely .... yet it only took a couple of hours to get there. It was hot and well it should be cooler in September . The visitor center and snack bar closes Sept 7th So pack your lunch. There will be restrooms available when we are there and the place should not be as packed as it was when I was there . I took pics and will get them posted asap. Someone needs to walk me through the process here. Otherwise I will need to figure it out on my own . Oh ya I guess I better PAY UP my membership in order to do so
Ok time for some zzzzzzzzzzzz's 3 am comes way too early for me
Mount Rainier Day Trip

Mary & I should be able to make it in our NEW DHG Bullitt#3850 on Saturday, September 13th.
It will be GREAT to see all you folks again! We plan to meet you at Snoqualmie Falls at 9 AM!

Donn & Mary Lewis
Mount Rainier Cruise Changes

Please let us know immediately if anything changes between now and 9 AM September 13th!
Our Cel Phone Number is: 253-381-5376 and our email is: [email protected]

Thanks! Donn & Mary Lewis
As of now, who's all planning on making this End of Summer Cruise that Pete is putting on? It is scheduled for Setember the 13th. I will make a list to see how many are showing...

If there are plenty of Bullittheads, Bill and I will make a more planted attempt to make it and make our vacation plans a day shorter so we can drive over there on Friday, the day before and stay all night 2 nights. Anyone from Oregon driving up for this?

Where has RockinBullitt - Rod been? And muffinboy? IvanGrozny, you still around? Mercblues? Scottgc81? cossel6507-muliple Bullitt owner? DJW? cocojoe? bullitt5539?

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Katonk, you coming? Love to see you again....
After reading through Pete's thread, I notice that here are only 2 Bullittheads that are committed to the Sept. 13 cruise. Any others? Bill and I would need more of a group to drive all the way over there, so speak up group! Committ! :cool:

Ford Fan

TwoStangWmn (?)
Katonk (?)
sixxshooter (?)
Boooo, I have obligations at 9. I could probably make it out at like 11 if you're all still up to anything.
I'm only committed if there is going to be a group, not 2 or 3 cars. We need more participation!! I'm willing to come up solo from the 'cov if so. Diane will be staying at home since our daughter will be home from college for the weekend.

Hi Everyone Pete here checkin in ..... It looks like I need to make some calls to some Bullittheads . I have Rods,Tims ,Dons and a couple of others phone numbers "So I will make the calls and see where it falls"
Well, it looks like Bill and I will have to cancel the trip over for the cruise. There just isn't enough people committed for this Cruise on September 13th for us to make the drive over! Come on Northwest Bullittheads! Where are you?

These cruises are fun and a good way to meet new friends. Where are all the new 08 Northwest Bullitheads for this cruise? There are a lot of new 08 members in Washington, and Oregon. Donn and Mary are the only ones interested so far..... :(
sure is alot of talk no action in john keister used to say on almost live...Lame...they have to add washington bullittheads to this video

Thank you for your "COMMITTMENT" Don .....anyone else ? Chris from the south said over the phone that he was going to try and make it..... meaning a definite "Maybe" He said he blew a spark plug out of the head Hmmm I hope it's fixed in time .
Kerry ? How many is enough to get you to come up ? 2 ? or 3 ? Remember the next day is the 3rd Annual All Ford show in Issaquah at the Triple X
I called one guy with a 67 retro Bullitt and hope to see him there . I am going to check out a local Charger website and find a black 68 to go along for the drive .
I'll be gone for this weekend so keep me posted ....hahahaha
great cruise

hiway 410

hiway 410 to rainier is a great cruise. whisling jacks makes a best stop for lunch.
the lodge at paradise has great music, unfortunately cant go till mid october, duriing color change.

incidently must have been 500 mustangs over blewitt about july 10 heading for 11-worth. not bullitt in the mix of this cruise west siders heading for skykomish classic car ralley /????
cannonball said:
hiway 410

incidently must have been 500 mustangs over blewitt about july 10 heading for 11-worth. not bullitt in the mix of this cruise west siders?
there was 4 bullitts on the mustangs northwest cruise to leavenworth on july 18th.Mine and Mr stangmans and 2 08s....thats me at 3;39 of the video
we are all in this picture someplace in the middle back
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OK- it's looking more promising to represent the Black Bullitt's. The 6 hr round trip travel for me is worth it to join up with the NW Bullitt heads...


How about ChrisW from the other Vancouver ;)

Pete, the XXX Show would be great but with the daughter in town my stuff would be on the porch for sure when I returned home, getting away for the Bullitt cruise is already pushing it. Weather pending we've got a busy finish to the show season in place already, both cars are committed for Yakima (20,21) Lacy (28th) and Patterson (Oct 5th)

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this is where I will be on the 13th and 14th
chrisW said:
this is where I will be on the 13th and 14th
Cool, have a great time- Phil's T-bolt is awesome to watch.. We were lucky enough to have two real T-bolts on hand- here's a slideshow with the T-bolts and Lengendary 60's Factory Ford racer Phil Bonner from the Aug 17th Ford Fever Classic held anually at Woodburn, OR... Sorry for so many Roush shots but I was the organizer for the NW ROUSH GTG... I was thrilled to see Phil Bonner, even at his age, jump in Mr. Featherstone's T-bolt and take it for a pass running a 9.91 @ 135mph..

FYI- Keith (Blk_GT500) and I will be involved with organizing next years "Ford Fever Classic" 1974 and newer car show.. The Dearborn Classic show cuts off at 1973 so Keith and I will take it from there--- We look forward to having a larger Bullitt presence!!!! I promise you it will be one of the coolest shows you will attend- Your car show entry includes Time Only 1/4 mile passes after the awards presentation.

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