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Where did everyone go...... I was having a Beer and I lost everyone. COME BACK!!!!! I'm sorry I was nice to Rocketdog.... :???:
:smile: :smile: :smile:
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I have not a damn clue of what you all share in common, but what I do share is the basic root of protecting this country w/pride! Reading this only makes me wish I went ahead and joined the services back in '92! You guys make me feel butterflies in my stomach. I have to hand it to you all, Oh PY, while you're up, can I get another?, thanks, What I mean is, and I hope you all do not take this sarcastically, is that I really appreciate the time you put in to learn to defend mine and my family's way of life. You guys are inspirational. Keep up the conversations as I'll sit back and keep reading through. Did PY have to go to the bathroom, where the Hell is that Damn BEER!!!
(T-bone on the grill and a fridge full of beer....thanks to you all and your brethren!)

Carry on!;)
LOL! PY if I were any good w/computers, I'd have a whole row of "Cracking up" faces. Maybe I am ok w/computers, but then the Beer coerces me into thinking I'm not.........hmmm. Plenty of Steak here boys! (Keep that last statement clean now)
Also, I wasn't invited, but Dammit, I'm in on the retirement party! 26 yrs, WOW!
Extremely excellent job! My Father-in-Law (Airforce '60-'64) just retired from 28 yrs at US post office. He'll love to hear that!
psst......I love it PY! Many beers ago tonight I didn't get it, but pssst, I do now! Oh how time flies by when fun's having you!
Oh ...look at that PY, you popped my Cherry!
I replied to you and became a "Mega Bullitthead!"
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
1 - 5 of 54 Posts
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