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WOW, what a morning!

I pull out of the garage behind the wheel of 435 (just after CA Car dusting it) expecting a normal day, but at the first stoplight, I hear a loud rumble pull up beside me. I look over and see a restored 1969 Shelby idling next to me, and its pilot is staring at me! He looks up and down the starboard side of my car and then gives me this reverent nod of approval! I was so proud!

Then, after a brief stint at Lowe's to get some work gloves, I am slowly navigating out of the parking lot when I slowly pass this black Mitsubishi Eclipse, being drive by one of the cutest young women I have ever seen! At first I see her checking out 435 (who is much more handsome than me) and then she stares at me, giving me this ice melting smile! As we pass, I got a little embarrassed and looked away for a sec, but when I looked back just before we parted ways, she still had her head turned and was looking at me!

For a 23 year old movie-geek like me, this is was a huge deal! Man I love this car!!! Looks like we both got some looks today for once.

Thanks Ford! And thank you Steve McQueen!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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