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A Display Case for your new Die Cast........anyone???

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Tom at National Diecasters told us that MANY members were asking about the possibilty of getting their cars #'s on their Auto art cars.
Auto Art can't do this and neither can he.
he HAS suggested that we consider a display case for our vehicles with an oak base and gold/brass plate with our Bullitt numbers etched in the plate.

he does NOT want to appear greedy, and once again he is grateful for our business BUT if enough of us want a protective diplay case with a brass plate, he can explore having a certain quantity made for us.

he has done this in the past for some customers and for himself.

if enough of us are interested, he thinks he can have a trophy shop make them for about $39.00 a piece. this is something we can do on our own too BUT if enough of us want him to do it.....PLEASE let us and/or Tom know!!!
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I would be interested in the protective case with a brushed aluminum plate. How many need to request them before he will go ahead with it? Count me in :smile:
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