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Hello, I posted a few times here a long time ago baout my mom's bullitt, and now, I have some more questions. My mom has bullitt number 2998, and so far I ran 14.1 at 98.9mph in it with roughly 1500 miles on it in 100% stock form. We then added a K&N and I made a few passes on my 245-50-16 Nitto drag radials on my wheels from my 95GT. With them I ran a 13.70 at 99mph with a 1.91 60'... this was with a 4500rpm launch and a shift point of 5800rpm's. Now, my mom is starting to feel a little left out of our go fast cars, see my dad has a soon to be 11 second 91 GT (runs 12.6's now), my car runs 12.7's, and my cousin's 94GT will also soon be running 11's. Well, the guy that has done all of our gear swaps (7 total between my dad, myself, and my cousin) has a set of 2 month used 3.73's that he'll sell to her and install for $160. The guy does EXCELLENT work, and both my dad and I run used gears. Now, from what I've seen, 4.10's seem to be the ticket with the modular motors, but for the price, and the fact that my mom isn't a die hard racer, though she has raced it quite a few times herself, does this sound like a good mod? Lastly, what other track PROVEN mods are available for these cars, we're looking for the basics here, not a supercharger or anything yet. I've been thinking timing adjuster, but what other bolt-ons have helped at the track for you guys. I'd like to see her car trap around 103 in the 1/4, I think with some gear, and that trap speed, she'll be happier with it on the street, and she should be able to at least keep up with us!!! Thanks,
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