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A lighter Bullitt is a happier Bullitt............

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Finally a warmer day today,so I drove the Bullitt down to the Public Scales,to get a weight check,after some weight removal mods. Weight with 1/4 tank fuel,with spare and jack,full stock Bullitt,as of 2001,was 3320 lbs. Now it is 3200 lbs,with 1/4 tank fuel,as accurate as the gauge is.
You can really feel the difference on the street,as far as throttle response,braking,and handling.
Can't wait to get to the track again!
Now if only the block was aluminum......!
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I agree! I have been curious about the weight of mine with the tubular front suspension and the alum block. I eventually want to get to work on the interior (lighter seats and rear seat delete) Unfortunately, I don't have the money or place to store the removed seats...
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