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A little taste of the good ol' days comes to town..........

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I just saw a SUNOCO gas station going up,on my way to work the other day. Hasn't been one around this area since the late 70s. Anyone else have any in their area,and how good is their gas these days?
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Lots of Sunoco in Michigan. I was vacationing near Cape May,New Jersey and pulled into a big station to top off the F250 and started to pump my own and the pump jockey ran over and practically had a heart attack grabbing the nozzel away from me. Geez,he read the riot act to me about the law in Jersey! Any other states like this ??I can carry 100 gallons, so I had him top off everything. Kept him busy for awhile seeing he likes to be in charge. LOL
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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