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A-pillar whistle fix!

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I know a few of you (Nasty?) have had the whistling A-pillar since the day you bought the car (I know I have). Well it drove me nuts enough to finally take a look at it.

I first checked to see if the metal piece was loose (this was suggested to be the cause on the MustangWorld boards), but that was tight, so that was not it. Next I looked underneath the metal piece, and there is a rubber weatherstrip between that piece and the structural A-pillar. I noticed that at the point where the roof, the windshield, and the A-pillar all meet, that the weatherstrip was visable if I looked at it from directly overhead. I went to the passenger's side (where there is NO whistle) to compare. The passenger's side was tucked under the painted metal A-pillar cover (like most of the driver's side is). So, I went back to the driver's side and gently pulled back on the painted metal cover and pushed the weatherstrip back under the cover where it belongs.

Drove to work this morning, and guess what... No more whistling! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Hope this helps everyone.
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Thanks...I will certainly give that a try. I've had a whistle on the passenger side since I got the car.
Thanks for the hint. I just checked mine out but both driver and passenger sides are identical and I still have my whistle. Oh well, maybe something else will come up.
I'll have to check that out tonight. Maybe that's the fix I've been looking for. Ford hasn't been much help for me on this problem.
My dealer ordered a weatherstrip for mine. Set to install Tuesday. My whistle is BAD. I can hear it as low as 35 mph!
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