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I apologize if this topic has already been posted but I thought the club would be interested in this story.

When I finally decided that I was serious about getting a Bullitt I had to really search around a bit. I finally found a dealership in Bloomington, MN that had two DHG Bullitts. I live near Madison, WI so buying a car long distance like this was something new for me. I called and talked with a guy in the sales dept. and he seemed to know that the car was kind of special but he didn't seem to know much of the details. One thing he did ask me was if I had been to the Minnesota State Fair to see the Bullitt they had on display there. I told him no and asked him why. All he said was that I would be better off buying the one off the showroom floor. I thought, "Well, sure of course." and didn't think much more about it.

Later on while we were at the dealership taking delivery of the car the rest of the story came out. Apparently some clever person thought displaying a Bullitt at the State Fair would be a good way to promote the dealership. Unfortunately they didn't think it all the way through and didn't take any special security measures. Well, you can guess the rest of the story. It is pretty well stripped by now. Shifter knob missing, tail pipe trim gone, badging gone, paint scratched and damaged, etc. It just goes to show you some people value things differently. I suppose someone down the road will either get a really good deal on a low mileage, slightly "used" DHG Bullitt or someone will buy it without fully knowing its history.

Anyway, that's the story the way I heard it however sad it may be.
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