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WARNING: Long Rant Ahead!

I bought my car a little too early for the 0% deals.. I did notice however the loan that I pay on includes all interest and service costs of the entire note. Meaning the amount financed includes the finance charges including the interest for the life of the complete loan!.. meaning that if I pay extra I am just cutting the amount of time that I repay the loan, not saving myself any money.. just like a 0% loan even though it isn't.

This means that I can't save myself money by prepaying the loan! Something I am very upset with Ford about not disclosing and myself for not asking and assuming. Ford structured the loan to guarantee they got every last cent out of me on the financing. This alone of me may be enough not to buy a car from them in the future.

Better check. We non-0% loaners are prolly all getting screwed like this!

What really p*sses me off about this is that I have worked very hard over the last several year to clean my credit up to near perfect.. I got a good interest rate from Ford and thought I had done well.. Then I learn how they structured the loan, just like a non-standard note (lousy credit)!

SHAME on Ford Credit!
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