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Active Military Bullitt Owners Sound Off!

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Just a quick poll to see how many owners are active military.

Sound off with your name, rank, branch and station.
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Thats real smart given this is a public site. No thanks
So what! You afraid Bin Laden's gonna get ya?
Not active, retired USAF 2 yr ago and I think Bins a little busy for social calls at the moment.
In the MECEP Program...does that count..going back to school to get the commission. Sgt. D. United States Marine Corp. Last Duty Station, MCBH Kaneohe Bay HI..and right before that, 5th Force Recon in Oki...
AFCM (AW) James Ray VF101 NAS Oceana Va. 25 years and counting.....NAVY
TSgt, USAF @ Seymour Johnson AFB, NC.
Gotta love the F-15E!!! (the most advanced tactical fighter aircraft in the world)

14 years active duty... Stationed or Deployed to: California, Alaska, Cuba, Washington D.C. (Pentagon), Egypt and good ole Seymour Johnson.

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TSgt, USAF Kirtland AFB, NM

UH-1N Helicopter Flight Engineer

Chief huey engineer for the 58 Special Operations Wing

Been in 16 years

PCSing to 19AF Stan Eval @ Randolph AFB on 25 Jan!

Nice ride Steve!

Wade Koch
K&N Filtercharger
20% Tint all the way around!
Gears coming...

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Sounds like a nice assignment to Randolph!

I was able to take a 2-hour ride in the 15 back in July! Talk about power!!! Never had so much fun in my life. Pulled 7.6Gs and felt good the whole time...not to bad for a support guy! Pilot tried everything to get me to lose it, however there was no way I was passin' out on this ride. Pilot gave me the stick for about 3 minutes...should have seen the grin on my face!

Good luck in your PCS!

Sounds like a blast! If you like that flying thing let me know. We can always use good people. Wanna cross train?
Hows the Shady J doing. I was never stationed there but I worked E models at Lakenheath for 9 years. I worked F-15 Backshop (AIS) for 20 years (retired 2 yrs ago). Florida x2, Bitburg Ger., Minot ND (damn cold place), and Lakenheath UK. I've worked all models A-E, and I agree the E is the best fighter/bomber built today. Keep up the good work and may the Bullitt always be gassed and ready. :lol:

SSgt, USAF, RAF Mildenhall, UK, Aircraft Electrical/Environmental Specialist. Black Bullitt #4069 will be travelling in January from San Diego (where it is presently garaged) to Maxwell AFB, Al. for OTS, and then to Columbus AFB, Mississippi for pilot training (me that is--not the car)
--OK, the truth is the car is my wife's (the dragster's were my toy), who is also a SSgt and will meet us (me and the car) at Columbus in May.

Anyone caring to join us for a cruise is more than welcome....Gonna do the Route 66 thing.

Call me when you get to Albuquerque and we'll do lunch! You may be seeing me after all if your drop after pilot training is helicopters. I'm 58 Ops Group Stan Eval at Kirtland. You'll go through Ft Rucker first after Columbus and then to Kirtland for advanced pilot training (if you get helicopters that is). I know a couple of the Instructors (T-37 and T-38) at Columbus. Let me know what class you'll be in and I'll put a good word in for you.
SPC US ARMY MILITARY POLICE.. cant say where I am.. but I can Say that I am FWD..
ETC(SS/DV) 20 yrs and counting. SSN 716 SLC
USAF Security Forces, MacDill AFB FL
1SG Casados HLG#3891 Counterdrug Task Force
Love this BULLITT... There are several in the area Already have developed a (BULLITT Friendship) with other BULLITT Owners
1SG Casados U.S. Army Counterdrug Task Force.
What can I say Love this BULLITT, There are several in the area and have become friends with them. Great way to meet other BULLITT owners..
I'm planning on staying on the ground for now. Already retrained once a few years ago and will have to do my "flying" in the Bullitt. :smile:

All is going well at the Shady J. As you probably can imagine, things are hectic around here right now. Looks like your old squadron in the UK is even busier. Hope things are going well for you in Oregon.

I will be sure to get in touch with you so we can get together. As you know, I don't have any idea what I'll be flying, but I do know I have a long road ahead of me starting with OTS. I could really use the hook-up at Columbus though. Especially some extra simulator time.
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