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A few weeks ago I go my car dyno tuned. The car was running pretty good but when I let of the throtle the car would jolt a little. I took it back to my tuner this morning to have him take a look at it. He said he just needed to add a bit more gas for when I let off the gas. I drove the car about 20-30 miles to work and it was working great. Right infront of work I stoped at a redlight and when I took off the car felt like I started off in 4th gear. I was able to make it to a parking spot and park. The car would then start and idle really bad and turn off. I tried to start it about 4 times and same thing. After that the car would not even start. I got the car towed home ( 30 mile trip). I hooked up my Predator tuner to see if there are any bad codes. I made sure the chip is in there correct, everything on the supercharger is hooked up, my MAF if hooked up. The car cranks but does not want to turn over. I also reset the battery just incase. I think something happened to my ECU because the tripomeder shows a bunch of lines (no milage) and when I turn the key to make contact the fan turns on (the car is not starting). Fortunally we have another Bullitt in the garage and I was able to see if it does the same thing and it does not. Does any one have any Ideas any help would be great.

Thank you,

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