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Air conditioning problem???

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I have posted this question before but I need some more input.

When driving down the freeway at a constant speed with the air conditioning on it cycles about every 15-20 seconds (it actually does it at any speed or condition but this is when you really notice it). I can hear it click on(not a click inside the car but from under the hood the compresor) and the car lugs. Again this is every 15-20 seconds and gets a little annoying. I have taken it to ford twice. The first time they said they found nothing. The second time I got the shop forman (I think was his title) and he asked me to turn on the car and we watched it for about 5 minutes and it of course didn't seem to do it so I asked him to go on a ride with me and the second we got on the road it started to do it. He said he would have to get a hold of another Bullitt to see if it was normal. Ya like they are a dime a dozen! Can you guys test your cars and pay close attention when you have your air conditioning, and let me know if your car does this or doesn't. If it doesn't then I would like to print out your replies and take them in next time.

Gregg Van Houten
[email protected]
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My Bullitt does it too. Just like you describe. It clicks every 10 to 15 seconds. If I'm driving with the windows down it drives me nuts until I turn the A/C off. The dealer told me that it's normal.
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