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Hey gang,

I just spent the last 4 hours trying my best to move all the topics into their appropriate forums. My reason for doing this is there were just so many topics posted that they just kept repeating themselves.

The biggest thing I noticed was lots of folks kept asking the same questions, where there already was an answer posted elsewhere on the site. Sadly, I believe a lot of questions were going unanswered because 90% were posted on Bullitthead Chat and just got lost in the cycle.

Here's where you can look for the info you need.

Bullitthead Bar and Grill:

Bullitthead Chat- Everything that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Funny Stuff- All your funny stories, cartoons, photos, etc. Bullitt related or not.

Bullittproof- New members post your greetings and pics here when you join. This will also make it easier to make sure all the car owners get on the registry.

Nadda Bullitt- Talk about anything automotive that's unrelated to the Bullitt.

Bullitt Tales- Stories of your road trips, street kills, family or friends.

Swap Meet- All the Bullitts listed for sale, parts, books, videos, etc. that you want to sell or trade.

Complaint Dept- Here is where you can rant about lousy dealer service, lousy paint, lousy build quality etc.

The Garage

Mods- Here you can talk about all your past, present and future upgrades, or ask questions about where to get these upgrades.

Mechanical Issues- Bullitt problems/recalls/fixes/etc..

Dyno Shop- Post results from your dyno runs and talk with others about theirs.

Service Department-
Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and Recall Information. Also any tips you can provide about oil, parts installations, washing and waxing, or helping someone diagnose a problem and fix it.

The Track
Drag Strip- Discussions regarding Bullitts and the Quarter Mile.

Road Course- Discussions regarding Bullitts and Auto-Cross (Solo I & II, Tracktime, etc.).

Regional Information

Here is one of the places you should check every time you come to visit. Lots of you guys posted messages for your friends in your region, and a whole bunch were never answered. Here you can find out about local events, get togethers, etc. where you can share with one another.

Announcements and Such
Information and news about this website (PLEASE READ). This is where our almighty webmaster explains any changes he's planning or has in the works.

Bullitt Club News
Various news regarding the Bullitt Club from the rest of us slaves. :smile:

Suggestion Box
Please put your suggestions here for any new forums, layouts or what ever else suits you that you feel may help the club become even better.

Area 51
Place to test posts, html, new sigs, etc..

The Archives
9.11.01 This is where you can read and reflect on our national disaster.

If we all work together and try our best to post in the proper forums, we shouldn't have any more problems of people missing anything.

I really hope this helps you all.

Have a great day, it's 5:15 am and I'm going to get some sleep. :smile:

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