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All Central Florida Bullitts @ Waterford Lakes Car Show

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Febrary 25 is the Big Mustang Show at the Waterford Lakes Shopping Village. Check out the Flyer, and we will meet at the Dennys at Hwy 50 and Alafaya Trl like last time. Go in as a group. Here is the link:

DHG4605 Born on 7/31/01 In Service 8/20/01 Adoption Date 4/3/03 Laid to rest 8/9/03 UB1486 Born on: 5/9/01 In Service: 7/7/01 Adoption Date 8/28/03

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I am really interested in this show. Whether or not I attend depends in part on the weather. I drive from Tallahassee to Orlando regularly in the University van and know it is a 4-hour drive. I would have to come down on a Friday and find a place to re-detail the car. Any suggestions?
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