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My friend with a pewter Z-28 runs 12.8s, or thats what he admits to. He might run slower, but I wasn't at the track with him when he ran so I don't know. Last night on Cherry Hill was fun. Though I raced twice against the same Z, here is the results.

Race 1: We slow to a stop, blocking traffic. I was the designated honker. I stalled under 2 grand and honked 3 times and launched. I spun all through first and into second and shifted to third. All through the first three gears, we're side by side. Then, at the upper rpms of 3rd, somewhere around 4200, he started pulling hard. When I hit fourth, his lead quit but I couldn't close the five car gap he had on me.

Race 2: Honking again, my reaction was a bit slow as I fumbled out of the hole. Though he managed to get ten cars ahead, that's all he could get. Funny thing is, I managed to keep up in third and fourth this time.... though a lengthy distance away!

My favorite part. A cop had driven past the area and two guys staged up to race. They were rolling when a cop came up behind them. He blasted his lights and still they rolled. Finally, they both gunned it in front of the cop!!! I yelled, 'You're my hero!' while the truck, who incidentally won the race, dashed off into the end of the beach where he was greeted by another officer as well.

I met another Bullitt owner from Santa Fe. Gave him the site and I hope he comes and socializes with us too!
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