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Alone in West Palm [email protected]#$%@!

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Hey guys, anybody from palm beach area. I've been driving around since i got my dhg 5/19/01, the first in south florida and i have only seen one on the road ever since. tried to catch him up by i have to turn away as i am going up to work.

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Not to sure of the geogaphic locals in Florida, but I do know there a guy out there w/ a DHG with the full Steeda pkg on his. 395 rwhp!
palm beach is about 60 minutes north of miami - cut down down to half if you roarrrrr the bullitt engine hehehe
There are several of us in the central Florida area (Orlando, Tampa, Cocoa Beach Sebastian). I have yet to see another Bullitt on the road that was not a prearranged meet. So, don't feel alone in your lack of sightings.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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