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Hey, since we are on the subject of movies, who remembers "American Grafitti"? And who would you have liked to be, if you had the chance to play the part? My pick would be "John Milner", pretty cool guy, and he drove a Ford too!!!
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We still do the cruise thing, however as with everything else, the younger crowd is beginning to ruin it, as they are doing to the Hot August Nights. Heck, I'm still out there on McHenry Blvd. every weekend night I have free, or I drive to Fresno and hit Blackstone.
Bullitt 3230...Ah the tallow works, it's still a big "hit" when the wind blows just right. Helps clean up your sinuses. I only stay here during the week to cut down on the commute time. On most nights, it takes two hours to cover the distance from Fresno to Modesto, and doing that twice a day is just no fun anymore.

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Yes, they did enact an anti-cruising law here in Modesto, as did the city of Fresno....But the ordinance stinks, and no one obeys it....Long live the freedom to pursue happiness.
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