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Hey, since we are on the subject of movies, who remembers "American Grafitti"? And who would you have liked to be, if you had the chance to play the part? My pick would be "John Milner", pretty cool guy, and he drove a Ford too!!!
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brought back memories...I used to live in Modesto Ca...which is where the movies heritage is based. Every year they had 'Grafitti Night' which was a HUGE cruise in for hotrods, etc. Chairs and coolers on the sidewalk and watch the cars drive by. This was 10 years ago...anyone from Ca know whether or not this still exists??
hey MSWAIM...I lived on Boise Av off of Hatch on the south side of know, down from the Tallow rendering plant that was hell when the winds were blowing west...
MSWAIM...I always knew when the winds were about to shift when the dogs started licking their chops!! GAG!
1900 Boise ave...1300 sq' first house, sold and moved to GA same money into 1 acre and 3000 sq' house with a basement 200 sq' larger then Modesto. I'm not sure I could ever move back...though I miss the Sierra.
The other place that was BIG to cruise in NCal in my day was Walnut Creek..."Cruise the Creek". That tiny burb was SO packed, two hours wasn't enough to go one mile down main.
They cracked down and shut that down in the mid '70's. That's when we went out to the valley to cruise...major hotrods, and then Modesto created the Annual Grafitti Night in the 80's in the belief that a big sanctioned annual cruise would help to reduce the every friday night cruise down McHenry ...ya...right
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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