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AMSOIL products

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Seems to me AMSOIL is getting a lot of unsolicited edndorsements. Seems to me I/we should use their oil and their air filter. What about their oil filters?
Does anyone know which air filter (product #) will fit our cars?

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As one of the heavier unsolicited endorsers of Amsoil, let me just say that I'm only passing on what I've discovered on my own. I'm not one of their "distributors", nor do I benefit in any way. Basically, it seems like there are factual/statistical reports all over the net that back up what they claim about their products, and the only bad things I've heard are "My brother's friend's uncle blew an engine that had Amsoil in it once." so I hope that in linking to the articles I linked to in the oil threads it didn't appear I was selling them. I've read good things about their oil filters as well, but haven't bought one yet. I'm actually looking at a bypass filter, though this may be a bit of overkill and would be months away.

I called the number on the amsoil corporate site and was told that SDF-11 is the correct stock oil filter replacement. I don't know this first hand. I'm sure they could tell you what air filter, too. I'm going to wait until I get a densecharger, and then just call to see what is a direct replacement for whatever K&N comes with the densecharger.

Here's the info on the airfilters which I mentioned in another thread but was unable to find for awhile. This is just a single article, I don't claim it to be gospel. It didn't sell me on Amsoil filters as much as steer me away from K&N. (Which I used previously in other vehicles.)

Anyway, hope this is helpful. It's not intended to turn anyone's preferences or opinions around. I just figure we're all (even the "old salts") doing extra research to make sure our bullits are treated right! :smile:


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