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Saw this on the stangnet bullitt forum. With the proliferation of factory Ford Bullitt parts, this kind of thing does not surprise me:

My Bullitt was delivered almost a month ago. However, It didn't have a "bullitt" emblem on the trunk lid. As far as I can tell it was hit in the rear at some time and the trunk lid was smashed. I never figured this out until later by looking at the bolts on the latch, the paint was a chipped off them. They obviously replaced it but never put the emblem back on.

So to my question:
My dealer just got me a new emblem finally but I'm not totally sure where exactly to put it. I was wondering if anyone would like to measure up from the botton of the trunk lid, as well as from either side so I could get a good idea of where exactly to put it. Thanks you so much.

Yeah, thanks for telling me where to put the Bullitt badge on my bogus Bullitt.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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